Hi! This is Rtistgirl! This is about my life, and since I like art, you can check out my art gallery! You can also check out my blog. This website is mostly for fun, so I hope you like it!


To ensure this is a totally safe site, I set up some rules! Please follow them!

1. No personal info!!
-Use a nickname
-Or your first name but not the full name
-Do not give out your phone number, home address, age, full name, school you go to, or any other personal information
2. No bad language!!!
-This needs no examples… Just don’t use curse words or inappropriate words, please!
3. No cyber bullying!!!
-Don’t be rude to the other commenters(is that even a word?)
-Don’t be rude to me
-Just don’t be a jerk
-If you have feedback for me or disagree with a commenter, please don’t say it rudely. I appreciate feedback, so you can do plenty of that(nicely). But  don’t give out personal insults if you’re disagreeing.
4. Don’t pretend to be someone else
-Identity theft is kind of illegal, sorry to break it to you.
5. Follow these rules in contact us, too!
– You can use a fake name when you comment or email me, or just put in Anonymous
-wait i have a contact us thing
-oh lol i do okay bye
6. ENJOY!!!!
-If you find something religious or something, don’t read it if you don’t want to. I want you to enjoy instead of disagreeing with my beliefs.
-Anyways, I guess you don’t have to enjoy but I’d rather you do. Okay, bye.