Gun Control and the National School Walkout

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know about all the school shootings going on here in the US. There have been way too many deaths caused by shootings this year, and it’s only been 3 months.

One of the biggest shootings that has gotten the most attention as of recently is the one in Florida.

This shooting was done by someone who went to school with them. A teenager.

Why is it that a teenager can get a gun in this country without a license?

The government is just giving students “thoughts and prayers.” We don’t need “thoughts and prayers.”

What we need is gun control. Not a complete gun ban, but at least make it so that an 18 year old can’t get an assault rifle. Someone who has a history of murder in a different location could come here and get any gun. We need a higher age limit. We need thorough background checks. We need to require a license to buy a gun. We need something, anything, to stop these shootings.

Some arguments against gun control consist of “it won’t help,” and “people will get them anyway!” To those people, I say to take a look at other countries. The UK has had no shootings ever since they introduced gun control twenty years ago.

Other people argue, “this is my second amendment right!” First of all, I guess some people are unaware, but the Constitution has been changed before. It’s been changed to ban slavery and to give everyone the right to vote and many other things. Another thing I’d like to ask these people is if they care more about their “second amendment right” or about their children’s lives.

Why, you ask, is the government doing nothing? Because a group called the NRA, National Rifle Association, is giving them money. Thousands of dollars. Because apparently, money is more important than our students’ lives.

Because of all this, EMPOWER, which is the youth branch of the women’s march, has organized a national school walkout. This means that on March 14th, at 10:00 am, students across the country will walk out of school and stand in silence for 17 minutes, one minute for each person who died in the Florida shooting.

Many schools say not to, and people may get detention or a suspension, but over 250 colleges say they will still accept students who participate in it.

My school says we’ll get in trouble, but I plan on doing it anyway, because this is what I believe in.

If you believe in something, if it can affect you or your friends as well, you should stand up for it regardless of the consequences. I was blessed with extremely supportive parents, but if yours are strict, then you aren’t required to. If it causes you pain, you shouldn’t. But if you’re like me and have good reasons to do it and nothing to lose, then go for it. This is something I believe in and I will stand for it. My mom’s also taking me to a march in Washington, DC on the 24th. You should do that too, if possible.

Do everything you can to stand up for what you believe in.

To see a change, we have to be the change.

FBI Junior Agent Thing

So… I’m alive.
Wow. I start posts like that a lot.
Anyways, so I’m gonna pretend I haven’t been posting nothing here forever and act like this is just another regular post.
Today, I went to this FBI Junior Agent camp thing.
Gotta tell you, it’s not as fun as it sounds.
I mean, I guess it was fun, but it isn’t really as cool as you’d think.

I arrived there and walked into a classroom. There were literally only three other people in the room. It was completely silent. I awkwardly seated mys elf at the back table next to a girl. For a while, we just sat there quietly, the only sound being a boy who was constantly walking around the room. It was much too quiet, but I was too awkward to break the silence. Eventually, I began talking to the girl and we became friends. Her name was Eshal. Kids came in slowly, until there were 19 kids in the room. For some reason, the girls all sat at the back half of the room, and all the boys were up front. There were only like 7 girls though. So, the teachers were called Ms. D and Ms. P.
“We need more diversity in the seating!” They exclaimed. “Who wants to volunteer to switch seats?” There was a silence. Nobody at all volunteered.
Since nobody was willing to move, obviously, they decided to number us off. I was in group 3, and Eshal was in group 4. At first, we were disappointed, but then the teachers said groups 3 and 4 were at the same table. We didn’t even have to move seats, which was nice. Then, the teachers gave us name signs. On these name signs, they told us to draw three things we liked. I drew the logos for Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, and Be More Chill. (Great musicals, by the way. You should listen to them if you haven’t already.) Then, I drew the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson symbols. They said to draw three, and I wasn’t sure what else to put, so I ended up drawing a heart and writing the word Undertale. (That’s a video game, which is really fun. I’ve been playing it lately.) Eshal drew popcorn, snow, and Spongebob. She’s random, I guess.
Then we had to talk about what we drew. I just said, “I like books, musicals, and Undertale.”
“Books, music, and what?” Ms. D asked.
“Books, musicals and Undertale. It’s a game.”
“Oh, it’s a game… I’ve never heard of it! You should tell me more about it later,” she said. I just nodded. The other people went, and then we actually started the stuff.
“What do values make you think of?” They asked. I yawned, unable to hold it in. Then, of course, Ms. D called on me.
“Um,” I stuttered. “Like… life rules?” I suggested. It was kind of a stupid answer, but I was put on the spot. She kinda looked at me and nodded.
“Life rules, sure.”
“Why me?” I whispered to Eshal. She just laughed at me. The teachers went on to ask others for an answer. They started talking about stuff being worth a lot and valuable and stuff. Oh well. We talked about core values, which are obedience of the Constitution, respect, accountability, diversity, integrity, and fairness. Then, we had to draw a poster with our groups. Since Eshal was the only girl in her group, and I was the only girl in mine, they switched some boy out for her. We had to do diversity and integrity. For diversity, we drew a person’s face split in half. One half was male and had rainbow hair and glasses while the other half was female with freckles. For integrity, we drew one side which was not integrity, and one which was. The not side had a kid watching TV when he’s supposed to do his homework. The other side showed the same kid doing his homework even though his parents aren’t home. Then, we had to present. We just described what was going on in our pictures. That was pretty much all we did for three hours. Overall, it was fun, I guess. I’ll be doing it once a month for like 6 sessions so yeah… Bye now.


Hey guys! Soooo I’m alive… hehe sorry for disappearing, I forgot about this site…. Anyways, life is goooood and that’s the way it shouuulddd be….. Not much has happened… I LOVE HAMILTON NOW OMG, IMAGINE DRAGONS IS MY FAVORITE BAND, AND YEAH. I wanna redo the about me thing again just because I feel like I have changed so much even since the last time I talked about myself… I’m gonna talk about Hamilton and stuff in a while but YEAH OKAY LIFE IS WELL.



It’s me!!!

Yeah… I’m alive. Yay.

My friend Hazel/Sea Otter reminded me to post here because I kinda disappeared…

I think I’m gonna try to post more? Idk….

Well I will do an update in a while, right now I have stuff to do.

See y’all later!

Bahamas-The Last Day

On the last day, we started with breakfast, of course! After breakfast, we went to the family pool, finally. It went up to about 5 feet deep, as far as I know. It could be higher. I just guessed. Anyways, we got Luna a life vest, since she was only 4. (She turned 5 a couple weeks after.) She kept on jumping and floating, and it looked like she was enjoying. We found a beach ball, and Sandy kept throwing it then I raced her to see who could reach it faster. I won most of the time. Then, shortly after, I tried out a life vest. It WAS fun. You felt like you were floating! Because you were… But it was still fun! After a while, my sisters, being themselves, began to go all wild, so we went to the kiddie pool. Bah. I sat there, bored. Then my mom suggested we go on the River Rapids together while my dad watched my Sandy and Luna again. I quickly and easily agreed. We went on it. I noticed it was quite crowded. We went into a cave with too many double tubes. It was fast and rocky. Too fast. Our tube bumped into the wall and flipped over. Rocks scratched my knees as I attempted to swim, since that’s human instinct. It felt like an extremely long time had passed until I finally got out of the torturous rocky rapids. I guess that’s what it’s like to fall into a real river. I had very injured legs while my mom’s arms were scratched. The lifeguard just stood there. He didn’t even help. All he said was that my mom’s sunglasses were floating away. BRUH! WE DO NOT CARE. Ugh… So my mom and I got bandages and ointment and stuff. My knees still hurt, but I guess I could handle it. We went to the marina again. Sandy got a burger. Luna and I got really bad pizza. Not a very good last day.

The next day, we went on a flight back home. All in all, the trip was pretty fun.

The end.

Bahamas-Day 3

On day 3, we went to a place called Blue Lagoon Island.

We had to get up early. Ugh. We woke up at some early time, and we rushed to eat breakfast and then get on the bus shuttle thingy. The vehicle drove us to a place where we all sat and waited. I saw the lamest, easiest riddle on earth on this board that said “Puzzling Riddle Of The Day!” Puzzling? Yeah right. It was something like “I can be used for math and I am a king”. I found it out the moment I saw it. Come up with better riddles, guys! Anyways, soon the boat arrived. We all went in and sat in it for, like, 20 minutes. It was very boring. We just sat there. It was too crowded on the roof, and downstairs I couldn’t see the windows. So yeah, it was pretty boring. We got there after a while. It was a beach, so I attempted (and failed) to make a sound castle. Soon after, I decided to go in the ocean. There were millions (hyperbole!) of tiny fish there and I was scared I would step on one, but the school thankfully moved away from my foot no matter how fast I walked. There was this giant floatie thing in the ocean, and it looked like a large mattress. The first thing I noticed was green fuzzy stuff all over the bottom of it. I asked if it was algae collecting. It was. I sat on it for a while, then lay (Laid? Lied?) down on it, with my feet resting in the water. My mom and sisters did the same. It was pretty relaxing. That’s what we did for 30 minutes until it was time for lunch! They had burgers, so I got one. IT WAS SO BLAND. I DID NOT LIKE IT. Sorry, but the Bahamas does NOT have good burgers. Then, after that. We went home. Well, not home, but back to the hotel. For a while we just chillaxed. Then, my sisters and I had to be dropped off to a Kids Zone thing. This was because my mom and dad had to go to some awards ceremony that kids weren’t allowed to go to for some weird reason. So we were dropped there. I ate some pizza, which wasn’t very good. I AM REALLY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS PLACE’S FOOD, GUYS. After that, Luna was seperated from us because she was below five. *Sad dramatic sigh* For the whole time, we just played random group games. At one point, we were playing four corners, and in between the corner choosing we all had to dance. Sandy and I got out on the first round. So, some not so nice girls were snickering and filming people who they thought danced badly. DUDE, THAT IS SO NOT COOL. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t wanna get in trouble, but I did avoid them. And glare at them once. After, like, an hour of games, Sandy fell asleep on my lap. So I literally could not move. Then, later, Sandy and Luna were reunited when we were brought into a room to watch Zootopia! I love that movie! My sisters did not fall asleep as we watched, thankfully. So that day was good, I guess.

Bahamas-Day 2

Now for day 2!

On the second day, my dad had a meeting thing. We went to breakfast, which was pretty good. They had chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate muffins and waffles and… *drools* Ha, sorry… Anyways, after breakfast, we went to the pool. We saw a family pool, which was pretty empty and went up to 5 feet, so I wanted to go in it. But my mom wanted to go to the kids pool, which was slightly crowded and went up to 3 feet. Hey, I’m not complaining! I mean I didn’t like it, but my sisters had fun so I guess it was okay. There were a couple slides and stuff, but I don’t like slides so I just went on a tiny one. I mostly just sat on a rock in the pool with nothing to do… Soon, my dad was finally done with his meeting, and so we walked to an aquarium. It was a looong walk… Anyways so we saw the aquarium which didn’t look to be that much. Well, we were mistaken. We walked into the place and it was… Well, creepy. It was super dark, so I turned on flash on my iPod. There was eerie music playing and some sort of symbols all around. They looked quite like hieroglyphics, though I knew Atlantis wasn’t Egyptian. Then, we walked further and on both sides were glowing tanks with legs crawling inside them. Literally all we could see were the legs… It was creepy. I assumed the legs belonged to a lobster or crab. It was creeping me out though, so I just ran through. Then, the eerie music and darkness continued and we approached another glowing tank, now with HUGE fish, which barely moved. They were also gray, which made them look like stone. We kept on walking and seeing creepy fish in the dark. There was also a room which was actually lit. It had thrones and a water fountain and stuff. I felt like I would get trapped if I sat on a throne, because of the eerie feeling in the other rooms. I didn’t, obviously. When we left the aquarium, we decided to hang out at the pool for a little longer. My dad and sister, Sandy, were too lazy to walk and decided to ride the River Rapids. We were with Luna and had a lot of stuff to carry, so me and my mom couldn’t ride with them. We walked, like, a million miles. Just kidding! But it was a long walk. And it was so sunny, I felt like my feet were on fire. Then, we waited for Sandy and my dad at the pool. They came after a while. Then my mom suggested we go on the River Rapids together while my dad watched my Sandy and Luna. I hesitantly agreed. I was nervous because they were RIVER RAPIDS, and we all know rapids are quite… Rapid. We selected a double tube. I COULD NOT SIT IN THE THING. I JUST COULDN’T. I tried, but I COULD NOT. After a while we finally got in. We tried to get to the entrance where the waves began, but our tube had other ideas. The stupid tube just decided to float in the OPPOSITE direction, so we were trying to get to the entrance for, like, 20 minutes before we finally did. A person pushed our tube into the entrance eventually. THANKS, PERSON! As I went through the river Rapids thing, I found it was really fun! I think I went, like, 6 times. They were fairly fast in some cases, but we were all fine. Soon after, we were hungry and we went to the Marina village for dinner. There were people singing and stuff there. We ate at Burger Shack. Now, I’m going to be a food critic for a minute. Their food sucked. My mom said her burger was good. I think it was a barbecue cheeseburger. But their chicken was tasteless, and their fish didn’t even taste like fish. I didn’t like it, so I just ate all of Sandy’s mac and cheese. That was good. That was day 2!