Ask Rtistgirl:Priya


I love your blog and I’m a big fan and I something I need help with. Could you help me start a blog?

Thanks, Priya

Dear Priya,

Thanks for writing to me! So you want a blog, huh? Well, here’s some stuff you should think of! Choose what you want to name your blog! Like for example, I chose help from my parents!). Next, you should choose what you want to write about! I chose my life! Soon I’m going to start how-to craft blogs! You can do fashion, DIY things, art, educational things, or a weekly blog about random thoughts, or even a public diary! All right, so now that you have a theme and name, you should choose what you want it to look like! But don’t worry, you can always change the look! Now you can choose the days you will post! I haven’t chosen yet. Maybe you’d prefer Fridays, or maybe Saturdays! Now just find a website that you can create a blog on, buy/create your blog! For the first post, do an “About Me” blog! Enjoy creating a blog! Comment me the link when you make your site!

Stay inspired,


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