I rate this movie 4 stars. It was sad and happy and really fun to watch. It’s the sequel to How To Train Your Dragon. The movie is about a boy named Hiccup (It’s weird…)

and a dragon named Toothless (even weirder, the dragon wasn’t toothless). They want to find more Night Fury dragons(that’s Toothless’s dragon type) even though everyone says there are no more. While looking, Hiccup finds his mother. His mother was taken away by dragons and she lived with them because they turned out to be nice! If I tell you anymore, It’ll be spoilers.I think you need to watch How To Train your Dragon (1) to understand the movie. It
was an amazing movie.                   a-tale-of-dragons

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Hi, I’m R-Tist Girl(as in artist girl)! Welcome to my new blog! I like LOVE art! I live with my mom, dad, and two sisters in the USA. My sisters are a little  TOTALLY CRAZY(ok, fine, I guess not TOTALLY….) I’m 9 years old, and like I said, I LOVE art! I also like reading and writing. My favorite season is summer! My favorite food is creamy chicken alfredo (from pizza hut in target). My favorite color is pink! I hope we’re alike! Tell me YOUR favorite things in comments!