My Trip To Florida–Day 2

FINALLY! About DAY 2! Sorry for not writing in a long time!  Anywaaaayyy, On This Day I Went To….. drumroll, please……DISNEY WORLD!!!!! It was SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! It was JUST like I imagined! Maybe even BETTER!!!!!  We arrived there in a….. shuttle…….. bus……….. train…….thing…. Anyways, I saw a CASTLE!!! Cinderella’s, to be exact. OMG! IT. WAS. HUGE. It looked almost EXACTLY like this one:   Magic-Kingdom-orlando-1415229-1181-1232…. okay, maybe not….. But still! It was SOOOO cool!

Castle in the morning


 And at night:


I also went on this ride called Jungle Cruise! We saw lots of animals! And there was this one part where we went in this cave! Mr. BoatDriverGuy said “This could lead to danger… or TREASURE!!!!” or something like that! Anyways, It Lead To BOTH!!!! I heard these scary growling noises and saw….. A TIGER WITH FLASHING GREENISH-YELLOW EYES!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!  After that, we saw these….uh….tiki…thingies….! And….treasure!!!!!




I also met ANNA AND ELSA FROM FROZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!




Anyways, we also saw this parade and one of the 7 dwarves high fived  me!  It was soo…….wow!!! Then it started raining…. We got a…um…..ponco…? I don’t know what exactly it’s called… After the rain stopped we went to an Incredibles Dance Party!! My dad danced with Mr. Incredible 😆 !!! Anywaayy… Everyone had to shout “SAVE THE DAY!!” Then the Incredibles would go….(I don’t know WHERE!!) and come back. One question… Is a guy named Freeze in the movie Incredibles ❓

So, then we…WAIT!!!! We watched a Mickey’s PhilarMagic video. Oh my gosh. It was so cool! We felt water when Donald Duck felt it, and we felt wind! Also, when Aladdin and Jasmine were flying on the magic carpet and singing “A Whole New World” It felt like we were flying too! Then, Donald got stuck in a wall, and when we turned around, there he was (or his feet..) In the Theater wall!! Anywaay, at night we saw this light parade! It showed characters and their stories!  For example: First it showed Cinderella. Then a bunch of people dancing (the ball) The prince and the evil…uh…people… THEN WE SAW FIREWORKS!!!