Any Ideas?

So, You know how this website is JUST A BLOG???? I wanna add a little something! So, like the title says, any ideas? ❓

Ooh! There could be contests, or an advice column, anything! OH, and when you come up with something(I’m pretty sure you guys are creative!) we could vote for the best!! I just wanna make this website… you know, COOLER!!!!! So, I hope you all come up with something!


❓ ❓ ❓ ❓            OH, and I’ll tell All About School in my next post(hopefully!)



My Trip To Florida-Day 3

YAY!! I’m back!!! Sorry I was away, I was busy (school, I’ll post about that later)! So, on this day I went to SEAWORLD!!! Hooray! So, first we saw………AAAAAAAHHH!!!! SHARKS!!!  I was kinda scared at first, but we went in anyway! photo                                              ME AND EVERYONE IN A SHARK MOUTH!! (P.S. I think that we’re supposed to be pointing at sharks!)



After that, we saw………………A DOLPHIN SHOW!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! THEY DID FLIPS AND FLOPS AND…UM… AWESOME STUFF!!!! It was SOOO COOL!!!! There was also a girl in the show who also flipped and flopped! And some people were holding a trapeze and let go and fell into the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like, “Wow!”  I also got this…fan thingy that sprays water on you! And, I saw a Shamu (Killer Whale, don’t worry it didn’t kill anybody!) show! That was also cool! THERE WAS A SOAK ZONE!! If you sat there you would get SOAKED!!!!!photo (4)



First I sat in a row behind the soak zone, but then I moved to the SOAK ZONE! The FRONT ROW!!! photo (3)




Soon the Shamu splashed water on our side (FINALLY! THEY KEPT DOING THE OTHER SIDE!!) And I got SOAKED!!! I SHOULD’VE WORN MY SWIMSUIT!!!!! Then we went on a ride!! It was this penguin thingy! photo (1)                                                                                                   Me And A “Penguin”                         photo (2)


We sat in a…ride thingy, and saw videos of this cute little penguin’s life. At the end, we got to see REAL LIVE PENGUINS!!!! It was cool, in 2 ways! First it was cool, as in seeing the penguins was cool, and it was also cool, as in it was FREEZING!!!!! Later, we saw a weirdo pirate adventure sea-lion show, ate ice cream, and went HOME(ER… To the hotel)!!!  THE END!!!!! No I’m not kidding, that’s it! BYEEE!!!!