Winter Break





My winter break so far was pretty cool. Christmas Eve.

So I’ll talk about Christmas Eve first. Very late at night, I went downstairs and saw my mom doing some last minute gift wrapping and putting gifts under the tree. I also put gifts under the tree–er, a gift.. Anyway, than I ate the buttered cookies and left a note. “Dear (my sister’s name), Thank you for the yummy cookies! Kind Regards, Father Christmas.” So then I went upstairs and slept (kind of).

Christmas Day!

Okay. Christmas. I woke up that morning excited. I went downstairs.

My sistasers <–(on purpose) and I sat-urdayed or Thursdayed(what did I just say and why?) down in front of the tree. “PRESENTS!” my mind exclaimed. We saw the cookie crumbs “Santa” left on the plate. We read the note. Then on the other side, we saw new words. “But where’s my milk? hi” it read. I SWEAR, I did not write that! “I thought the milk would get spoilt!” I said. Anyway, we opened our gifts. My mom LOVED her gold and silver snowflake pendant. My sisters liked their gifts too!!  My gifts were AWESOME! I got a Zoomer, Tamagotchi Friends, Our Generation sets, and books! Just what I wanted! Winter Break was pretty good overall. Right now, I’m excited for tomorrow, which is not only new year, but my birthday!! How was your winter break?