__9:22 pm–Sunday, September 27th 2015__

Hey guys,

I know it’s kind of late and you guys are probably half-asleep or in bed, but guess what guys? It’s the blood-moon! In Virginia(where I live), the moon looks like it was cut in HALF! Anyways(yawn), the moon will turn orange…or red, I guess. Like, blood red…. Okay, so I’ll post the rest, which will include: a picture or video, some extra info(that’s right, I’m gonna EDUCATE you guys, it is a school night after all!!!) and maybe some…. ummm… I have no idea what else…. Now, I’m just gonna read Harry Potter(I’m on the 5th one, Order Of The Phoenix) until the moon (yawn) turns red. Comment if you’re excited for the blood-moon or if you like Harry Potter I guess! I feel like I’m gonna fall asleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………. JUST KIDDING!!! I’m still awake! So um, like, talk to you people after school tomorrow!!  Bye for now! 😀

__11:12 am Saturday, October 17th 2015__

Hey guys,

Sorry I kept you waiting SOOOO LONG!!!! I either forgot, or was busy… Anyways, so here’s what happened that day:

Ugh!! WHERE WAS THAT MOON?! It was the third time I checked!!!! All I saw was CLOUDS!!!!!!!! My dad and I kept running out and checking….AGAIN AND AGAIN! It was 11:00 ALREADY! I was too tired. Bad news: I couldn’t see it, and was too tired once my dad FINALLY SAW IT! Good news: We have pictures!!! Let me show them to you guys! By them, I meant it. So, I never did get to see the blood moon. My dad said “It will be 35 more years until the next one..I won’t even be here.” but my mom was like “Are you crazy??? NASA says it will be 17 years!!! NOT 35!!!” So, I guess it would be cool, if I ACTUALLY SAW IT! I’m gonna be like, in my late 20s when that thing comes back! Well, I guess that’s fine… I also told my dad “You will not be gone once the blood moon is back!” He just said “You never know…” Ugh…I’m still a little grumpy that I didn’t see it. Well, let me know if you saw it in the comments! If you did was it Worth It? Sorry, I’m just OBSESSED WITH THAT SONG! (hums Worth It) Well, still let me know if it was worth staying up late on a school night.


Rt is the best way to get inspired,


P.S. I’m gonna start using rt phrases to end my blogs, so what do you think????????? Tell me any more rt phrases you know!

My Idea

Sorry, I haven’t been posting about school but I didn’t do much there… So I’ve been thinking…maybe I can make videos, and do challenges, or rt blogs! Answer these questions for me please!!!!

What kind of videos should I make?

Which challenges should I do? (if it’s like the pizza or smoothie challenge, then suggest ingredients)

Do you want rt blogs, videos, and challenges?

Also HOW DO I GET MORE COMMENTS! LOL sorry, but I haven’t been getting much comments!