Oh yay! I LOVE this!  Writing to you guys in school is pretty fun! Okay, so.. ummm…yeah!  Now to the point!

2 days till Halloween people!!!!! My 2nd favorite holiday (see if you can guess the 1st one :D!!!) OH, GREAT! I gotta go, people. Recess is  over! TTYL!

I’m In School!!!

O.M.G. I  can’t BELIEVE my teacher is letting me do this!! I’m sitting with Josh, Mike, and Melissa.  I’m STILL in school!  Now! Right! Now! Melissa is looking over my shoulder. She’s  a friend of mine! BRB! Kay, I’m back! So…yeah… It’s writing time  now! But technically, I’m still writing!!!  Just, you know, on the computer… Anyways, it’s picture day, and….I have to go…