More About Essie, my BFF!

Hey guys! Where have I been? Pakistan! Okay, so that series is coming soon! It’ll most likely be called A Pakistani Wedding: Part (#). So I’m FaceTiming(which I call FT-ing) my BFF, Essie right now. We were playing Club Penguin(which we call CP) and chatting. We do this A LOT. As you probably know, she lives in ANOTHER CITY. I know, that’s not as bad as country or state, but still. We’ve known each other since we were 4. And we’re still in touch. Thanks to TECHNOLOGY!!!!! I love tech… Anyways, she is a TOTAL POTTERHEAD like me, which means she loves Harry Potter. She has 1 little bro. Not THAT BAD, compared to Edina, who has 3 little brothers. Essie just said “My brother’s annoying.” Okay, anyways, ummm…… Yeah……. She’s a gymnast in training. Her dad is in India, ’cause of work. She LOVES dogs, and hates cats(sorry to all you cat-lovers). We FT so much because we only see each other like, twice or thrice a year šŸ™ . We met when I used to live where she lives, and we went to the same school. Then I moved. šŸ™ . But mine and her parents found a way for us to stay in touch; iPads. YAY!!! She wants to be an astronomer when she grows up.

Well, that’s my BFF, Essie. SO yeahhhhh…



When You’re Bored-#1-On The Plane

So, nothing really interesting has happened lately, so…instead of my Weekly Diary, I’m starting a series…sorta…just for days when I dunno what to talk about. So I will be doing different lists of things to do when you’re bored and why you should do them. #1 is on the plane because I’m gonna be on a plane in 6 days! So, I thought it’d be…fitting. I’ll also include some tips for the subject at the bottom! So, here’s list #1:

1. Read
Just get lost in a different world, and you’ll TOTALLY forget how bored you are! (I recommend Harry Potter and the Inkheart trilogy)
If you’re sleeping, you can’t be bored!
3. Watch a movie
You know those screens on the seat? They’re there for a reason! Watch a movie! If your plane doesn’t have a screen-thing, download a movie on your device before you go!
4. Talk to the person next to you
Make some friends! Or just annoy someone…
5. Write
It could be in a diary, or a story, just enjoy it!
6. Snacks
7. Bug your parents
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
#1- Chew gum so your ears don’t get clogged.
#2- Make sure you bring a carry-on! I downloaded, like, 7 books on my kindle to Pakistan (which, BTW, is where we’re going)

I’m gonna be writing Thursday or Wednesday next week!

At Indoor Recess!

Hi! Jasmine and Melissa are watching me type! Oh Jasmine just left… So things aren’t that craycray here at recess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo today has been….cool-fun! Ummmm Melissa is dancing around. She’s telling me what to type but I AM NOT TAKING HER SUGGESTIONS! And Melissa is peering over my…laptop. EVERYTHING IS AWESOMEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! That’s the song that’s playin’ in our classroom right now!
So…is it just me or is everyone excited about the Lion Guard? Awwwwwwww gotta go! Recess is OVER! DUNNNNNN DUNNNNNNNNNNNN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!