Obama’s Speech On Muslim Rights

Hey peoples! So, as you heard in my blog about Racism and Religiousism , some people think Muslims are bad. But they’re not. Just certain people. You can check that out here. So here is what I think about it.
So, first, a highschooler(or maybe she’s in college…what’s a university?) talks a bit about herself and being a Muslim. Her name is Saba (I dunno how to spell her last name). She said, luckily, most people are accepting of all religions and races. Her journey to where she is now started when she started wearing a hijab(that’s the cloth Muslims wear on their head) to school. She was afraid her friends would think she was a terrorist, but they didn’t. She felt equal! Then she introduces Barack Obama, the president of the USA. This girl, Saba, seems pretty confident. I actually think she could be president one day!
Clapping. Lots of clapping as President Obama walks in. He asks everyone to clap for Saba’s parents. “Good job, Mom.” he says to Saba’s mom. Ha. He says Saba was terrific and that she’ll make a great doctor. I guess Saba wanted to be a doctor. I WISH I COULD’VE WENT TO THE SPEECH. AW. Anyways, he thanks the Muslim leaders who came and gives ‘shoutouts’ to a couple of people. He talks about things Americans do, and then thanks Muslims for things they do. Yay. He’s thanking people! He explains how Muslims are scared for terrorism, and how they also have to deal with them being blamed for it. We also always have to listen to people changing up the Quran(that’s, like, a Bible except for Muslims) to make it sound like it says “Attack people who are not Muslims”. But it DOES NOT say that AT ALL. It says “Only attack people who attack you”. I mean, how do you even get that from that??? If you’ve been believing this JUNK the news has given you, take it from me. I mean, would I lie to you guys? Would Obama lie to you guys? ITS A LIE. ANYTHING THAT SAYS WE ARE ALL BAD IS A LIE. Some Muslims are bad, some aren’t. Same with Christians. And Hindus. Jews. Pretty much ANY RELIGION EVER has some good people, some bad. Anyways, back to the speech. “We’ve seen children bullied, we’ve seen mosques vandalized.” he says. Because of this BLAMING, innocent people are targeted. Is this really what we want America to be like? It’s supposed to be the land of the brave and the home of the free. I mean, land of the home of the— YOU GET WHAT I MEAN! Obama has met many EXTRAORDINARY Muslim-Americans. They’re doctors, community leaders, religious leaders, etc. They’re proud of who they are. Aren’t you inspired by this? I sure am! But we all have to worry. Kids and parents are worried they will be kicked out of the country or something WORSE. Obama says we shouldn’t be like this. We should know we’re equal.
He has some important things to say.
1. Islam(Muslim’s religion) means peace.
2. We even greet each other saying: Asalamulaikum(I have NO IDEA if I spelled that right or not!) which means Peace Be Upon You.
3. Prophet Muhammad said “Whoever wants to go to heaven must treat people the way they wanna be treated.” GOLDEN RULE, PEOPLE.

CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. More stuff he says; There are Muslims from everywhere. WE ALL JUST WANNA LIVE IN PEACE. Freedom of Religion. Thomas Jefferson said all religions should be protected, be equal. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams had their own copies of the Quran! 😮 He talks about stuff Muslims have done in history. Stuff Muslims do today. Words I dunno, then…. There are lots of extremists who twist the Quran. They say Islam is at war with America. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. THEY ARE……ummm…. IGNORANT. VERY VERY IGNORANT. How do we keep our country strong? How do we get protected? When people try to divide us, remember that we’re all equal. No matter what our faiths, races, genders, patriotism. We need to remember FREEDOM OF RELIGION. We should all help. Even if we’re not Muslims, we need to stop this. Or else, we’ll lose our friends, family, our neighbors, teachers, doctors, veterans. Oh, and BTW, Thomas Jefferson’s opponents tried to ‘stir things up’ by saying he was a Muslim. So was Obama. CLAP CLAP CLAP LAUGH LAUGH.

Okay, now I’M talking here on my blog. There’s A LOT more, but if I tell you about that, we’ll be here for HOURS. So, overall, you should know that we’re all equal and that we should all help each other regardless of our faiths. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS(unless you’re not in America…)!
OMG, I JUST NOTICED that 9/11 is 911. WOW. Anywhooooo….. Obama was totally right. You should watch his speech. HERE! Anyways, thanks for reading and please do your part and help us stop the terrorism and blame.


Don’t Be Racist or Religist!

I feel sad. You know why? Because Aunt S just showed me a video where people showed dolls or pictures of 2 people and asked kids which was pretty and which was ugly. Most said the black ones were ugly. Those kids were ONLY 5!!!! If you’re a parent, maybe you should think about how you’re raising your kids! Hopefully, they’re not racist. I REALLY HATE RACISM! If you’ve been making fun if any black or brown kids, PLEASE STOP! Its sooo HORRIBAD!!!!
And I dunno if you’ve heard about the attacks or not. If war makes you cry(it makes me cry) then don’t read this…. People have been blaming all muslims! And some VERY IGNORANT people think Muslims should be sent out of the country! Um, anyone ever heard of FREEDOM OF RELIGION??? And, there are bad people of every religion. Have you heard Obama’s speech in that mosque in Baltimore? He’s totally right! And awesome! If you haven’t watched it watch it NOW! I’ll see if I can give you a link! It’s on youtube, btw. So if you can’t watch it, then…ask your parents, I guess? So, click here!

Anyways, what can we all do to stop this racism and religousism(yes, I just made up that word)? Tell me in the comments below!