Mexico Trip

Hiiiiiiii!!!!!!! I’m rtistgirl! As you know, I went to mexico with my family a couple of weeks ago! yay! It was so much fun. Btw, I also have a youtube channel now that you can check out. Here’s the link:

When we arrived at the airport in Mexico, we went to get our luggage….. Luna and Sandy were running around as usual. My mom was yelling at them, as usual and finally when she got fed up, she strapped them in their double stroller… oh, no more running around. My dad exchanged some dollars for peso, which is what Mexican money is called btw. People from my dad’s company were waiting for us outside the airport and put us on a bus to take us to the resort. Soha and Selena started singing “THE WHEELS ON THE BUS GO ROUND AND ROUND!!!!” which was kind of funny. On the way, we saw what looked like a desert. “It’s a desert!” my mom exclaimed. “With trees!” I said, in the same excited tone. Anyways, there was a lot of cacti. Sandy thought we were in Arizona because apparently there are a lot of cacti in Arizona! She’s learning about the states at school. Anyways, we arrived at the resort soon. They offered us drinks immediately! The bellhop guy who is the person who takes your luggage to your room in a nice hotel took us to our room. It was awesome! There was a big TV, a closet, a bathroom, and 2 big beds. There was also a great view of the beach from the balcony which had sliding doors. My dad went somewhere and brought chips, guacamole, and a cheese quesadilla. I didn’t really like the quesadilla but the chips and guac was good. That night, there was a party! It was to welcome us! They had okay food… I didn’t really like it that much… I prefer Moe’s. Anyways, so, the girls(Sandy and Luna) had so much fun cuz they found a playground there. I met some of my dad’s friends. We were really near pools and the beach so my sisters were like “Can we go now?” but mom said no. So that was the 1st day!

When we woke up, Dad wasn’t in the room! He went to a meeting downstairs. So we had breakfast with mom, which was really really good! I had eggs, a chocolate muffin, a chocolate-filled croissant, fresh fruit and some milk. Then it was time to go to the pool. Yay! We went to the pool and got in. The water was cold at first but then we got used to it because it was sunny and we kept moving around. I kept trying to go in the 4 feet end, but Sandy would try to get in with me, and she was too short to stand in there and couldn’t really swim… We were having so much fun, we didn’t wanna get out! After about 3 hours (as my mom said), we went back into the room and took showers/baths.
We went down for a BBQ pool party then. People ate food and sat in the pool with soda cans. The food was better than the food from the day before, I did like it!

After that we rested for a while and then went to the beach. It was fun, although sand kept getting in my swimsuit… that was uncomfortable btw. I wrote “RTISTGIRL.US” in the sand. I also made 3 sandcastles, 2 of which got ruined by the ocean šŸ™ . The water was cold though, so we just walked and didn’t swim. That evening, my parents had to go to a happy hour thing for an hour so I babysat my sisters in the hotel room, they were pretty good and didn’t get into any trouble at all. I just watched Netflix and Sandy and Luna played on their iPad minis. When my parents came back we ate at a restaurant and I did NOT like that food! It was blegghh, so if you go to the Hilton resort in Cabo, do NOT eat dinner there! But some people did play a Spanish song my dad suggested.. So there’s that…

The next day, after breakfast, my dad took me for an excursion where we were supposed to swim with dolphins. YAYYY! It was so great. I got to play with my favorite animal: DOLPHINS! I got to kiss them (ick! it tasted like salt and fish) and pet them and dance with them. I also had a choice to ride on their noses and hold their fins as they swam around. I didn’t want to… There was also FISH in there! It was like a real habitat (without things that will eat dolphins) and had a platform thing for people to stand on. It was slippery and I felt like I was gonna fall off! Still, it was a lot of fun.

SO, when it was over, we went back to the hotel. My mom was lounging and reading by the pool and my sisters were in a place called “Kids Club” being babysat. I went in and played air hockey with Sandy. We ate at a place by the big pool which had American food. I had a cheeseburger which was YUMMY! That night my parents had to go to a party where my dad was going to get an award so they dropped us off in a big room in the hotel with babysitters. There was pizza, chicken, mac and cheese, and ice cream with marshmallows, chocolate syrup and whipped cream! I made a friend named Danielle and we talked about PokĆ©mon and stuff. We friended each other on our 3DS’. After that, we watched movies. I got a blanket and used a beanbag as a pillow and ALMOST fell asleep while watching The Book Of Life. Danielle and I talked a little and watched the movie. Soon, she had to leave. “Bye,” I said. “Bye!” she said. Then Maleficent came on! I didn’t see any of it! I was asleep! After I-have-no-idea-how-long, my parents came and woke me up. I slept in the hotel.

On the final full day, we had breakfast (and I saw Danielle even though we didn’t talk at all except for “Hi”) and Sandy and I went to the pool! We (once again) swam and didn’t wanna get out. At first, Sandy didn’t mind me going in the 4 feet part and swam in the kiddie pool, but eventually I had to go to the 2 feet part… My shoulders were, like, FREEZING! We, later, went to the FINAL FIESTA! They had American food which was good, I guess. They had cheesecake which I love! I also sat in a hammock, and swung back and forth until Sandy and Luna joined me…

The next morning, at breakfast Sandy ate all the donuts there (did I mention how much she LOVES DONUTS?). Then we got on the bus for a ride to the airport and went to SAN FRANCISCO because my parents didn’t want to get on two flights the same day with my crazy sisters! We didn’t do ANYTHING there so I won’t write about San Francisco… All we did is go to Red Robin for dinner and Target to get some milk for Luna.

You people should take a trip to Mexico or some other COOOOOOOOL place some time! Oh and by the way, we might be going to Atlantis next year… I hope my parents decide to take me!

Talk To You Later, Rtists!


Hey guys!!! It’s been, like FOREVER since I wrote a REAL ACTUAL BLOG. But here I am, writing a REAL ACTUAL BLOG again!

So last week I went to California and Mexico and so I’m talking about that! I went to THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER which is in Universal Studios Hollywood!

I went to Hogwarts!!! It was cool! So, at one point, I saw a green lit-up statue! It was creepy… I jumped when I saw it…. I thought it was Voldemort, but that wouldn’t make sense, since he was evil and Hogwarts hates him… WAIT… NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT… IT WAS SALAZAR SLYTHERIN! DUHHH! Okay, anyways, we saw a video of Harry(Daniel Radcliffe), Ron(Rupert Grint), Hermione(Emma Watson), and Dumbledore(Micheal Gambon). First the trio talked to us. I forgot what they said… Then Dumbledore did, too! I also forgot what HE said… Probably some wise thing… We saw all the classrooms and Dumbledore’s office. Dumbledore’s office looked like… well… the one in the movie. The Herbology class was just an empty room with a lot of plants. Potions had some little bottle thingies. That’s all I remember about THAT… Then we went on a ride. It was a chair thing with those bar things that were like seatbelts and was going around on a… moving… floor-thing. The seat swung us a little and we saw a…cool thing… It was like we were flying and stuff. It was a 4D ride. If you looked around, you’d see different things like… a Quidditch game that you were competing in, an adventure, etc. Lemme (try to) tell you in detail. So we were lifted a little bit. We saw stuff. Okay, so I don’t remember what order it happened in, so here it is in an order I think is right! So we went into a cave thing and we were, like, diving in the cave. We saw dementors. “EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!!” I yelled over and over again. Then Harry appeared and was like “Expecto patronum!” and the dementors DISSAPEARED!!! We also had to play Quidditch. Every time we dived I screamed and also when we were flying and were, like, shaking and going UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN! To be honest, I was screaming half of the time. It was super awesome yet super scary. I also tried Butterbeer. It tasted like sweet soda with cream on it. It was also raining and cold… šŸ˜„ That ruined it a lttle…

We also had lunch at this “Simpsons” themed restaurant. In case you were wondering, I HATE THE SIMPSONS. I just… do! Don’t ask why! I even hate talking about it! Like, I heard about some gross and creepy episodes(mainly one about Ebola) too! So I wanted to sit outside because there were TV’s inside showing The Simpsons and it was creepy and gross and just… UGH. We had pizza which was HUGE and I ate, like, 1/4 of a slice. It wasn’t really that good either… I didn’t wanna talk about this… Bottom line, it was terrible.

Later we went to a bus and out the window, there was cool stuff. First we got almost ‘eaten’ by dinosaurs. Lemme start from the beginning… so we were in a line for a studio tour and it was looooooooooooooooong! After FOREVER, we sat in a bus. Some guy was narrating as we drove around. We saw sets of movies as he talked. Then, we drove into a cave thing and had to put on 3D glasses. We saw King Kong and dinosaurs. Some actually climbed on our bus-top! Our bus was shaking A LOT! We went outside again and later we saw a guy carrying a “dead body” and who almost killed us! He walked toward us holding a knife! AAAAAAAH! Anyways, so, we also went in this place because we were apparently “unsafe” in.. wherever we were… So then the bus started shaking. The tour guide—gtg! TTYL! THERE WAS MORE but I don’t remember it clearly… It was really fun!



Bad News :(

Guys, I have some bad news… I won’t be doing this blog anymore… There’s just…. too much going on, and I won’t be able to find time for this……

Bye for a long time,






APRIL FOOLS!!!! Did I get you? Lemme know in the comments!