2016 Presidential Election–My Perspective!

Note: This post doesn’t mean to offend anyone. It talks a little bit about my opinion on this stuff, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I am right. If you disagree, please do not write any hateful comments. Everybody has their own opinions!

Note 2: I might not have my facts straight. Just letting you know. Correct me on anything if I’m wrong in the comments!

Hi people! I wanna say I haven’t been on here in like a long time, but I say that every time now, so…. yeah.

You probably know that today is the day of the presidential election. Unless you’re not in America….. if you are, then I’ll just tell you, it’s Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump. Anyways, so i went with my mom to see her vote. It was easier than you might think. There was this piece of paper and you just had to fill in the square next to whatever you want. The first one was asking who you wanted for president. There was the choice of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or two other random people I didn’t know much about. There were also questions asking who you wanted for mayor, um… town council or something,  congress, and…. something else. Sorry, I have a really bad memory. Like Dory. Anyways, my mom voted for Hillary Clinton. So did my dad. They got stickers saying 2016 Presidential Election, and I got a sticker that said FUTURE VOTER. In my opinion, I think Hillary’s better than Donald Trump.  But I still would prefer it was neither. Like maybe Obama could be president again. Or, even better, maybe Michelle Obama could be it. But, sadly, they can’t do that.

No offense to his supporters, but I think Donald Trump is too, like, racist and not really qualified. He had a TV show, and some board games, but I don’t think he really did much in law. I could be wrong, though. He claims to ‘Make America great again.’ What I wonder is why he says that when it’s already great? We don’t need someone to make our country great again, but someone to make it greater. He also believes that making other Americans get out is the way to go. But I don’t agree. There are attacks and war going on, and if we force half our country to leave, we can’t defeat the attackers. Wow… I sounded almost like an adult there… Okay. So my point is, I don’t really think Trump is the right president.

I’m gonna be honest here, I don’t really know about Hillary. I mean, she seems nice, but I keep on hearing about some email thing, and apparently it’s not good. Yes, I’ve heard of it, my dad is always watching the news. Apparently she deleted a lot of important emails. I don’t know much about that, so let’s just talk about something else. I agree with stuff she says, but for some reason, a lot of people say she’s lying. Enough about other people’s opinions, let’s talk about what she says and claims to do. Hillary Clinton says she will unite our country, which is good. We shouldn’t be dividing it like Trump says. She says that we have to work together to fix the problems. I agree with that too. Most of what I hear her saying is about unity. Her motto saying thing is Stronger Together. I think she is qualified, because I heard she was a lawyer or politician or had some other job like that. I don’t really know what else to say. So I’m sure she would be a better president than Donald Trump.

Well, those are my thoughts on the election. That was the perspective of a kid talking more mature than usual for some random reason. My point was, I hope Hillary wins. Tell me who you want to win and why! Again, if you want to write about how you disagree, please do it nicely! Like I said earlier, everyone has their own opinion!

Quick Life Update: I might try to post at least every other week, because I’m never on here anymore. I’ve been a bit busy with school. And homework. I also joined Girl Scouts, video game club, and scrap booking, and sometimes I wanna use all my downtime for just reading or watching videos. But I’ll try to post more! Bye now!