My billionth update: I Blab about books I’m dying for

yes,I have exaggerated a lot. It isn’t my billionth. But it seems like a lot of my posts have been updates.


so someone commented “you need to post.” I know who it was, but I forgot what name they used lol. Anyways, so I’m just updating y’all on meh.

Im going to the Bahamas in like 2 weeks. I might do a post on that, so stay tuned!

Um so. I still pretty much like the same books.

one thing though.

THE COVER AND TITLE FOR KOTLC BOOK 6 HAVE BEEN RELEASES! THE TITLE IS NIGHTFALL AND THE COVER IS AMAZINGGGG!!! I’m sooooo curious! What will happen? How does Sophie feel about ______’_ _____?  (I used blanks there cuz I can’t tell you what it is! It’s a huge spoiler for book five!) I mean, obviously she’ll be like really sad. Keefe will probably hopefully play a bigger role in the book because he’s on the cover. So will Linh. Is Grady still calling _____  ____ ___? Because if he is I will be angry. What more will we discover??? AND OMG ASDFGHJK THE CLIFFHANGER! Ahhhhhh!!!! Sophie… She… OMG she recognized… AHHHHHH!!!! I’m guessing no one has a clue what I’m talking about but ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! And then there’s Trials of Apollo book 2! Annabeth’s gonna be in itttt!!! Perhaps Magnus will be mentioned!!! And Magnus chase book 3!!! Ahhhh!! Percyyyyyy!!!!! Ahahahaahahahaha!!!! YAYYYYYY! “I think it’s time you met Percy.” (Fangirl squeals) ASDGSJNWUSNSH! Okay, here’s something about me. If my book, or even a person mentions one of my fandom or one of the precious characters, I get super excited. Ask Hummingbird! Once she and S were talking in front of me on the bus, I was just staring into space, and they mentioned Artemis fowl and I was like “WHAT? DID YOU SAY ARTEMIS FOWL?” It was actually pretty funny. And once in fourth grade when I was a beginning fangirl, I was staring at my notebook as Ms. H told us about how we have to write about the main characters’ personality traits. She then gave an example of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The minute she said the Harry of Harry Potter, I looked up quickly. I think that’s how the class found out I was a Harry Potter fan. Now, I’m considered the biggest Harry Potter fan like EVER. Well, only the people who were in my class considered me that but ya know, whatever. That’s like 20 people. Anyways, so I feel like this would be funny and I just felt like writing it.

*Person is talking to Someone Else and I am sitting near them. Btw, we are pretending they are both male for no reason*

Person: do not go near that girl. She is scary.

someone else: I know her, she can’t be that scary. What happened?

Person: So she was just staring at the last page of a book

Someone Else: sounds like her

person: but she looked kinda sad so I walked over to her and asked her stuff about the book

someone else: dude why did you do that? You know she’s crazy!

Person: yeah, so I was just talking to her and she suddenly started talking super fast

Someone else: I heard she prefers the term ranting.

person: yeah, she mentioned that.

Me: (not paying attention at all, so distracted can’t even hear them, just reading)

Someone else: what did she say?

person: she started rambling about memory loss and mismatched eyes, and then she said something about a boy named Arty—

Me: (Looks up quickly and starts paying attention to this conversation.) *whispers* arty?

Person: and then something about holly and how short she was?

me: (cough cough) *under breath* her name is holly short (cough cough)

(They dont hear me)

Someone else: holly is short? What the heck?

Person: I know right? And then she looked at a page of her book, whispered “D’ARVIT!” and then she just stared into space. I think she was about to cry

Someone else: that’s weird.

person: then I was like “um, do you need me to get the guidance counselor or something?” And she looked at me angrily and said “Stay back human, you don’t know what you’re dealing with!”

me: (GASPS)

Person: um, hi?

Me: hi what are you talking about?

Person: well… We’re talking about you…

Me: Oh… Well it’s not my fault the book is a roller coaster of emotions….

Person and someone else: ooookay…..


someone:…wow I’ve never seen her look this angry

Person: told ya she was scary

me: or Tartarus is a good option too… Either way, go away mortals!

and that’s how you scare people lol.

i feel like if I revealed my fangirlness to everyone people might just think I’m crazy. Gotta go, goodnight! I might post more tomorrow!