Bahamas-The Last Day

On the last day, we started with breakfast, of course! After breakfast, we went to the family pool, finally. It went up to about 5 feet deep, as far as I know. It could be higher. I just guessed. Anyways, we got Luna a life vest, since she was only 4. (She turned 5 a couple weeks after.) She kept on jumping and floating, and it looked like she was enjoying. We found a beach ball, and Sandy kept throwing it then I raced her to see who could reach it faster. I won most of the time. Then, shortly after, I tried out a life vest. It WAS fun. You felt like you were floating! Because you were… But it was still fun! After a while, my sisters, being themselves, began to go all wild, so we went to the kiddie pool. Bah. I sat there, bored. Then my mom suggested we go on the River Rapids together while my dad watched my Sandy and Luna again. I quickly and easily agreed. We went on it. I noticed it was quite crowded. We went into a cave with too many double tubes. It was fast and rocky. Too fast. Our tube bumped into the wall and flipped over. Rocks scratched my knees as I attempted to swim, since that’s human instinct. It felt like an extremely long time had passed until I finally got out of the torturous rocky rapids. I guess that’s what it’s like to fall into a real river. I had very injured legs while my mom’s arms were scratched. The lifeguard just stood there. He didn’t even help. All he said was that my mom’s sunglasses were floating away. BRUH! WE DO NOT CARE. Ugh… So my mom and I got bandages and ointment and stuff. My knees still hurt, but I guess I could handle it. We went to the marina again. Sandy got a burger. Luna and I got really bad pizza. Not a very good last day.

The next day, we went on a flight back home. All in all, the trip was pretty fun.

The end.

Bahamas-Day 3

On day 3, we went to a place called Blue Lagoon Island.

We had to get up early. Ugh. We woke up at some early time, and we rushed to eat breakfast and then get on the bus shuttle thingy. The vehicle drove us to a place where we all sat and waited. I saw the lamest, easiest riddle on earth on this board that said “Puzzling Riddle Of The Day!” Puzzling? Yeah right. It was something like “I can be used for math and I am a king”. I found it out the moment I saw it. Come up with better riddles, guys! Anyways, soon the boat arrived. We all went in and sat in it for, like, 20 minutes. It was very boring. We just sat there. It was too crowded on the roof, and downstairs I couldn’t see the windows. So yeah, it was pretty boring. We got there after a while. It was a beach, so I attempted (and failed) to make a sound castle. Soon after, I decided to go in the ocean. There were millions (hyperbole!) of tiny fish there and I was scared I would step on one, but the school thankfully moved away from my foot no matter how fast I walked. There was this giant floatie thing in the ocean, and it looked like a large mattress. The first thing I noticed was green fuzzy stuff all over the bottom of it. I asked if it was algae collecting. It was. I sat on it for a while, then lay (Laid? Lied?) down on it, with my feet resting in the water. My mom and sisters did the same. It was pretty relaxing. That’s what we did for 30 minutes until it was time for lunch! They had burgers, so I got one. IT WAS SO BLAND. I DID NOT LIKE IT. Sorry, but the Bahamas does NOT have good burgers. Then, after that. We went home. Well, not home, but back to the hotel. For a while we just chillaxed. Then, my sisters and I had to be dropped off to a Kids Zone thing. This was because my mom and dad had to go to some awards ceremony that kids weren’t allowed to go to for some weird reason. So we were dropped there. I ate some pizza, which wasn’t very good. I AM REALLY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS PLACE’S FOOD, GUYS. After that, Luna was seperated from us because she was below five. *Sad dramatic sigh* For the whole time, we just played random group games. At one point, we were playing four corners, and in between the corner choosing we all had to dance. Sandy and I got out on the first round. So, some not so nice girls were snickering and filming people who they thought danced badly. DUDE, THAT IS SO NOT COOL. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t wanna get in trouble, but I did avoid them. And glare at them once. After, like, an hour of games, Sandy fell asleep on my lap. So I literally could not move. Then, later, Sandy and Luna were reunited when we were brought into a room to watch Zootopia! I love that movie! My sisters did not fall asleep as we watched, thankfully. So that day was good, I guess.