FBI Junior Agent Thing

So… I’m alive.
Wow. I start posts like that a lot.
Anyways, so I’m gonna pretend I haven’t been posting nothing here forever and act like this is just another regular post.
Today, I went to this FBI Junior Agent camp thing.
Gotta tell you, it’s not as fun as it sounds.
I mean, I guess it was fun, but it isn’t really as cool as you’d think.

I arrived there and walked into a classroom. There were literally only three other people in the room. It was completely silent. I awkwardly seated mys elf at the back table next to a girl. For a while, we just sat there quietly, the only sound being a boy who was constantly walking around the room. It was much too quiet, but I was too awkward to break the silence. Eventually, I began talking to the girl and we became friends. Her name was Eshal. Kids came in slowly, until there were 19 kids in the room. For some reason, the girls all sat at the back half of the room, and all the boys were up front. There were only like 7 girls though. So, the teachers were called Ms. D and Ms. P.
“We need more diversity in the seating!” They exclaimed. “Who wants to volunteer to switch seats?” There was a silence. Nobody at all volunteered.
Since nobody was willing to move, obviously, they decided to number us off. I was in group 3, and Eshal was in group 4. At first, we were disappointed, but then the teachers said groups 3 and 4 were at the same table. We didn’t even have to move seats, which was nice. Then, the teachers gave us name signs. On these name signs, they told us to draw three things we liked. I drew the logos for Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, and Be More Chill. (Great musicals, by the way. You should listen to them if you haven’t already.) Then, I drew the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson symbols. They said to draw three, and I wasn’t sure what else to put, so I ended up drawing a heart and writing the word Undertale. (That’s a video game, which is really fun. I’ve been playing it lately.) Eshal drew popcorn, snow, and Spongebob. She’s random, I guess.
Then we had to talk about what we drew. I just said, “I like books, musicals, and Undertale.”
“Books, music, and what?” Ms. D asked.
“Books, musicals and Undertale. It’s a game.”
“Oh, it’s a game… I’ve never heard of it! You should tell me more about it later,” she said. I just nodded. The other people went, and then we actually started the stuff.
“What do values make you think of?” They asked. I yawned, unable to hold it in. Then, of course, Ms. D called on me.
“Um,” I stuttered. “Like… life rules?” I suggested. It was kind of a stupid answer, but I was put on the spot. She kinda looked at me and nodded.
“Life rules, sure.”
“Why me?” I whispered to Eshal. She just laughed at me. The teachers went on to ask others for an answer. They started talking about stuff being worth a lot and valuable and stuff. Oh well. We talked about core values, which are obedience of the Constitution, respect, accountability, diversity, integrity, and fairness. Then, we had to draw a poster with our groups. Since Eshal was the only girl in her group, and I was the only girl in mine, they switched some boy out for her. We had to do diversity and integrity. For diversity, we drew a person’s face split in half. One half was male and had rainbow hair and glasses while the other half was female with freckles. For integrity, we drew one side which was not integrity, and one which was. The not side had a kid watching TV when he’s supposed to do his homework. The other side showed the same kid doing his homework even though his parents aren’t home. Then, we had to present. We just described what was going on in our pictures. That was pretty much all we did for three hours. Overall, it was fun, I guess. I’ll be doing it once a month for like 6 sessions so yeah… Bye now.