first week of corona break!

so, as you probably know, there was a recent outbreak of covid-19 and now everybody is going crazy. there’s no toilet paper, people are wearing masks in public, streets are empty. it’s kind of like… apocalyptic. 

because of this, the schools in my county have been closed for, at the moment, eight days, including the weekend. (i’m including the weekend because we literally can’t go anywhere on the weekends too.) it’s kind of surreal, schools being closed because of a virus. we’re starting to think that we aren’t going back this year.

i’m not really sure how we’re gonna progress if we aren’t going back this year. like, i’m sure the elementary schoolers will be fine, but high schoolers and middle schoolers taking high school courses? what are we supposed to do? especially high schoolers. i hope nobody has to repeat a grade. that would actually suck. but i doubt it’ll happen. i was assuming summer school, but what if everything’s still like this, or worse, by june?

at the moment, march 20, there’s 274 confirmed cases in the dmv (dc, maryland, virginia) area and 94 in virginia. that’s kind of a lot. like maybe it doesn’t seem like a lot since it’s less people than how many are in my grade, but like. if you consider how many different houses and cities these people live in, lots of infecting could’ve happened.

okay so i guess i should give you a day by day thing?

so before march 12, we heard about how bad it was getting and all wanted schools to be closed. but nobody actually expected things to happen. 

march 12, 7 am, i woke up, laid in bed, not wanting to get up, when my mom came into my room. she told me to go back to sleep, and as much as i would’ve liked to, i was like “huh?”

school was closed. because of a global pandemic.

if it was a snow day, i would’ve gone back to sleep. but this was just so weird that i had to get up and get my phone.

kids from my school weren’t super surprised, just asking “ew do we still have to work?” and “wait how long are we closed?” at the moment we were going back on the 23rd.

later that day, everyone did have a conversation about how bizarre it is. well, not really bizarre, but weird for us. one of my friends kept talking about how we’re a part of history, which is kind of cool but still like… not good.

march 13th, 2020 

this day was my final day of freedom. okay, i’m being overdramatic, but it was the last day i hung out with my friends as of now. i went to the park, basically my whole friend group gathered there too, we looked at the flowers and enjoyed the nice weather and played with a dog. then, we burst into another friend’s house because i’ve never been inside his house before. that was fun. anyways, we ate pizza, i tried coke, and it was fun.

after that, all of our parents decided we were quarantined, which was kind of annoying. 

the next few days, we just kind of hung out at home and watched shows and movies and did nothing.

by march 15th, i was already tired of it.

okay, now i’m gonna be annoying and spoiled and complain about stuff.

i was literally actually enjoying this year? like covid-19 really had to mess up eighth grade for me. i was looking forward to the high school field trip, i didn’t mind school itself even though i complained a lot, and i just generally was looking forward to stuff. oh, and i was going to europe this summer, which most likely isn’t happening anymore. also. i would’ve had a high school orientation next week, but now it’s being shifted to who knows when. (okay they actually did give a date but i feel like it’s getting shifted farther than that.)

oh also there’s some online learning stuff starting next week. i’ll talk about that when it starts.

so in conclusion, nobody’s allowed to go places, we have no school, and everything is boring.

everyone’s actually starting to want school. something i never thought would happen.

the new animal crossing came out, though, so i get to play that! see you next week!