quarantine – april 26

okay so it’s been like a month since i wrote here, but since then, animal crossing has come out, i finished anne with an e, we’ve started online school, the virus has spread more, school has been closed for the rest of the year, and now people are apparently drinking lysol. 

so, animal crossing. a Lot of people have been playing it lately. it’s kind of the only place where (positive) things are really happening at the moment. even though i don’t play it as much as a lot of other people, i still very much enjoy it !!

anne with an e is very good. 10/10 would recommend. please watch it, it’s on netflix and it’s just very good and deals with a lot of important issues and it’s just great.

okay, online school. i think most students right now would agree with me when i say i kind of hate it. it feels like they’re giving us so much more work and at my school, a lot of teachers are using this thing called edmentum which nobody really likes. it doesn’t really teach as well, for geometry it has this thing called geogebra which is confusing and hard to operate, and a lot of people have had trouble with being locked out of assignments or their work being erased. it’s just not a great situation. it’s also hard for a lot of people to have motivation to do their work. some people just find it difficult to care about schoolwork when there’s a whole pandemic going on; others just have trouble focusing in their house, especially if surrounded by loud relatives. it can also be hard to self-teach instead of having teachers teach you. generally, even though we know that they’re trying their best, online school isn’t exactly going great.

oh yeah, also, this school year is over. my middle school career is over. people who are seniors don’t get a prom or graduation 🙁

a lot of people are saying that people can’t be sad since people are dying but like. you can be upset about something small and also acknowledge the fact that you’re lucky to be alive. also, even if it may not sound like that big of a deal, people need to understand that students spend most of their life thinking about school. like, we go there almost everyday and study and do our homework and it’s all supposed to lead up to graduation. it just kind of sucks that they aren’t getting something they’ve looked forward to for years.

and generally, it’s such a weird feeling that i’m not going back to my middle school. the next time i have school, it’ll be an entire different school. and that’s just weird to think about.

okay, so now, you might ask, why are people supposedly considering drinking lysol? well according to forbes, a few days ago, president trump said, “i see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute… is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning? because you see it gets in the lungs, and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that.” so basically he suggested that we could use disinfectant? in the human body???? no offense but like …. i don’t think that’s how it works???? you can’t have bleach like… in your body? you’re going to die?? i’m not completely sure if people are actually drinking it (i’ve just heard they have) but i very much hope they aren’t. anyways, please don’t drink bleach or inject it into your body or whatever!

anyways this situation is not only weird but scary. people are all living in fear and there are people who are dying. all we can do right now is pray for people that are losing their lives, family members, or jobs, and hope everything ends up okay.  and please stay home!! and if it’s absolutely necessary to go out, make sure to wear masks and gloves and stay six feet apart from people. basically just make sure you social distance.