may 5, 2020

it’s may and we’re still stuck at home. can you believe that we thought that this would last only a few weeks to a month? I remember my friends and i saying that there was no way school would be closed for the rest of the year, but here we are. it’s strange that we went from being at school for seven hours per day to never leaving the house. not super mindblowing, but kind of weird that this is the new normal. at this point, it’d be weird to be able to freely go out. it would be weird to go to school, or to go to target without gloves and a mask. and honestly, it doesn’t feel like we’ll ever be able to go out, at least not in the same way we could before. so many people are saying that when we are allowed out, we’ll have to wear masks and gloves. even to school. and that’s so weird because it might start feeling normal and it’s hard to imagine wearing a mask every day when you go to school. it’s even more weird thinking about how they might change the way we sit at lunch. it’s like the normal school experience is over. and combined with the fact that i’m already going to two new schools next year (high school but i got into this other stem school so i alternate which school i go to) it’ll be super unfamiliar. it’ll be a different environment combined with different rules. it isn’t that big of a deal, but my friends and i think they might cancel stuff like dances since people aren’t exactly six feet apart at those. and that’s just one example of how even little dumb things like that are gonna change even when this pandemic ends.

however, i think that we’re lucky that we can stay in contact in ways like video chatting, social media and texting. we’re very lucky that when this happened, we were at a point where we could get information about it super easily and that we can still interact with friends and family even if it’s not in the same way. thanks to today’s technology, it’s easy for us to hear from health officials, presidents, and the news in general. even online concerts are happening. even if it’s weird being locked up, all this makes it much more bearable.

anyways make sure to stay home!!!! and don’t be dumb and protest!!! the only way to get stuff back open is to stay inside!!!!!!