Any Ideas?

So, You know how this website is JUST A BLOG???? I wanna add a little something! So, like the title says, any ideas? ❓

Ooh! There could be contests, or an advice column, anything! OH, and when you come up with something(I’m pretty sure you guys are creative!) we could vote for the best!! I just wanna make this website… you know, COOLER!!!!! So, I hope you all come up with something!


❓ ❓ ❓ ❓            OH, and I’ll tell All About School in my next post(hopefully!)



Author: Rtistgirl

hi, i'm samara. i started this blog when i was eight because i love art and writing! i spelled it rtist because if you pronounce the R as like, the letter R then it'll be artist. it makes more sense out loud. anyways enjoy!

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