Thanksgiving Day

The last Thursday in November is called Thanksgiving. Here’s some info about the first celebration. It was celebrated in 1621 on Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Pilgrims and Wampanoags celebrated their first harvest. It also celebrated ends of wars. Now, back to my thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving was SUPER-DUPER fun!!! First, we wrote what we were thankful for. (I said friends, family, and a good home.) Then we prayed to God for what He had given us. Then.. we ate lunch! We had a delicious turkey, some chicken, mashed potatoes, squash, bread with butter, cornbread, and… PUMPKIN PIE!!! YUMMY!!!!!!! After we ate, we played HEDBANDZ Act up! It was charades with headbands! That was the best thanksgiving ever!

I want to do a link!

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