Talent Show 2015!!!!

I AM EXCITED!!!!!!!! In March, the talent show is coming up!!! I will be doing a Tae Kwon Do (TKD) act with NUNCHUCKS!!!!!!! Nunchucks are these, I think metal, weapons attached to a chain. You use it by swinging it. I’ll show a picture soon! I am so good at Nunchuck Form No. 1! But, OMG! At the previews, I was so nervous I forgot a few steps from Nunchuck Form No. 2!!! The good thing is that the um, what should I call them, Watchers, didn’t know I got anything wrong!!! So they thought it was AWESOME!!! Yay!

1 preview down, 100 rehearsals to go!!! Haha! So I’ll tell you guys how the show went in March! The date is March 5! 2 days before the TKD tournament!! Wish me luck!!

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