My cousins

Their┬ánames are A and R. One was doing a weird TKD dance thingy-majiger. We are laughing and screaming. They are watching me right now. A just said “Naughty!!!” pronounced NA-TAY. Sometimes we play Pixel Gun 3D. I am SUPERBAD at it: LOL!!!!! We also played for Fortune teller. I call it Mystical Panda. When we asked it: Are you a lier? Should I delete this app? It’s answers were Yes to BOTH!!!!! HA! We also play Geometry Dash which has a SUPERHARD LEVEL: ONE!!!!!!!!!!! Only R passed level 1… and 2….. and 3…. he got 82% on 4… He’s like a pro. What games do you play peoplesiez? What do you recommend for me? PLEASE comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may even mention you in the next blog!




Author: Rtistgirl

I like art. That's my explanation for the name. I now want to be an author. I like books and musicals. Like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen!! I have become lazy!! I have no life!! I barely post!! BYe!!

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