Bad News…

Hey guys-people!

Bad news for me….this doesn’t affect you at all though! So…here’s the news:



I sprained my ankle 😥        Also, I’ve been getting no comments lately! People, at least say Hi! Well, anyways… I sprained my ankle and got an ankle brace. Don’t worry I can walk! I just got questions for you people though. So if you know the answers, please comment on MY WEBSITE not my Facebook page! Here are the questions:

Can I swim? Is there a certain way I should go up the stairs? Can my friends at school sign my brace (LOL you don’t need to answer this one)???? Do I need crutches? My doctor didn’t say anything about that… Can I walk all the time? BYE! I’ll write an intrestinger one next time! Maybe I’ll talk about my bday party….It was in January though.. 😳

Author: Rtistgirl

I like art. That's my explanation for the name. I now want to be an author. I like books and musicals. Like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen!! I have become lazy!! I have no life!! I barely post!! BYe!!

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