Kids Who Care!

Hey you guys, my friends and I’ve been doing trying to start this program called Kids Who Care. It’s all about helping people! Like orphans, and homeless people, and senior citizens, you get the idea. And I need YOUR help! How can we make it more organized? We are gonna make a site! Once we have that I’ll totally send you guys the link! If you care, please tell us some ideas to make this program! We’ve been collecting donations from our school, and if you wanna donate PLEASE comment below, or email me in the CONTACT US page! I would REALLY appreciate it if you donate!


Author: Rtistgirl

I like art. That's my explanation for the name. I now want to be an author. I like books and musicals. Like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen!! I have become lazy!! I have no life!! I barely post!! BYe!!

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