At Indoor Recess!

Hi! Jasmine and Melissa are watching me type! Oh Jasmine just left… So things aren’t that craycray here at recess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo today has been….cool-fun! Ummmm Melissa is dancing around. She’s telling me what to type but I AM NOT TAKING HER SUGGESTIONS! And Melissa is peering over my…laptop. EVERYTHING IS AWESOMEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! That’s the song that’s playin’ in our classroom right now!
So…is it just me or is everyone excited about the Lion Guard? Awwwwwwww gotta go! Recess is OVER! DUNNNNNN DUNNNNNNNNNNNN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!



Author: Rtistgirl

hi, i'm samara. i started this blog when i was eight because i love art and writing! i spelled it rtist because if you pronounce the R as like, the letter R then it'll be artist. it makes more sense out loud. anyways enjoy!

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