When You’re Bored-#1-On The Plane

So, nothing really interesting has happened lately, so…instead of my Weekly Diary, I’m starting a series…sorta…just for days when I dunno what to talk about. So I will be doing different lists of things to do when you’re bored and why you should do them. #1 is on the plane because I’m gonna be on a plane in 6 days! So, I thought it’d be…fitting. I’ll also include some tips for the subject at the bottom! So, here’s list #1:

1. Read
Just get lost in a different world, and you’ll TOTALLY forget how bored you are! (I recommend Harry Potter and the Inkheart trilogy)
If you’re sleeping, you can’t be bored!
3. Watch a movie
You know those screens on the seat? They’re there for a reason! Watch a movie! If your plane doesn’t have a screen-thing, download a movie on your device before you go!
4. Talk to the person next to you
Make some friends! Or just annoy someone…
5. Write
It could be in a diary, or a story, just enjoy it!
6. Snacks
7. Bug your parents
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
#1- Chew gum so your ears don’t get clogged.
#2- Make sure you bring a carry-on! I downloaded, like, 7 books on my kindle to Pakistan (which, BTW, is where we’re going)

I’m gonna be writing Thursday or Wednesday next week!

Author: Rtistgirl

I like art. That's my explanation for the name. I now want to be an author. I like books and musicals. Like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen!! I have become lazy!! I have no life!! I barely post!! BYe!!

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  1. Hey rtistgirl!! 😀 Thanks for all the tips and stuff! You are the best! BTW I am Essie… So rtistgirl i think that you are really KEWL BEENZ!!! AKA Cool Beans! Anyway TTYL!! I will keep on checking your blog!!!

    1. hi this is your friend. how are you and your family?
      I read all the blogs of yours they are so awesome!
      plz reply at my gmail plz do remember to reply

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