Pranks and Updates!!!

Hey guys, sorry about not posting these “diaries”, nothing interesting has happened!!! Plus, I have an update or two to tell you. Let’s start with updates!
First, I’m going to be in the talent show again! Rebbeca, Lia and I are doing a comedy act! It’s called “The Crime…NOT!”. It’s about a detective who thinks a girl stole something but she really just left her strawberry jam at the bank and wanted to get it back at midnight. Yeah. Sooo…I can’t do videos. For my safety. And, you guys, I’m FINALLY 10!!!!!!!!! DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Okay, now, let’s start the diary.
Monday, January 11, 2016
I arrived in class, unpacked and sat down. Danny was holding my pencil case. “It was in my desk.” he said. “Who put it there?” “I dunno…” Hmm… Mysterious… “George…?” I said. “It wasn’t me, I swear!” he exclaimed. “You better not be lying…” I murmured. Later in the day, Danny told me it was in his desk again! Next, at reading time, mine and George’s books were SWITCHED. Seriously? Saige blamed George. “Why would I prank myself???” he said. “He makes a point,” I said. We wrote notes saying stuff like “We’re watching you, ” and “Don’t you dare do THAT!” They got ripped in half later. By art, half the class knew. I thought it was Wes, who sat at the table next to us. “IT WASN’T ME IT WAS GEORGE!” he kept saying. “Let’s have court at recess.” we all agreed. At recess, we were about to start court. Then George rushed to me and yelled “Guess what?! I found the ‘criminal’! It’s MEEEEEEEE!” he yelled. WOW. THAT WAS UNEXPECTED.

That’s all! More stuff happened Thursday! I’ll write that in a sec! LATER!

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hi, i'm samara. i started this blog when i was eight because i love art and writing! i spelled it rtist because if you pronounce the R as like, the letter R then it'll be artist. it makes more sense out loud. anyways enjoy!

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