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Hi! I’m bored so i decided to review Keeper of the Lost Cities. THIS SERIES IS AMAZING!!!! You have to read it!!!! No spoilers in this section! I will have one section with huge spoilers so watch out for that!

Plot: There’s this girl, Sophie, and she’s 12 years old yet she’s in high school. Obviously, she is very intelligent. But she also can hear the buzz of people’s thoughts wherever she goes. She’s never really felt like she belongs. Until a boy named Fitz comes and tells her the truth— That she is an elf. She then attends an elf school. But she is still very different from the others. Why, you ask? You’ll see…

Age reccommendation: This book has violence and so far only some romance, but most books have that. I wouldn’t call it scary though. There is some death and a medium amount of violence. There is also betrayal and a lot of near-death experiences for the main characters, I would say you should be 9+ to read this series.

Rating: This series is awesome. I love most of the characters! They almost seem real! The world is great! I don’t even know what to say… The characters have bigger personalities then what you see at first. Yeah that’s all I can think of without spoilers. Out of 10, I rate this book 9.98, since nothing is perfect, though this series is pretty close!


NOW TIME FOR THE SPOILERS!!! Do not read this until you’ve read books 1-4! I may say a little about 5, but not too much. Other than that, I may be discussing a few pretty huge things in this! So if you haven’t gotten to four, SHOO!!!


~~~~~~~~DONT YOU DARE GO PAST THE LINE ~~~~~~~~~~~


Keefe dies in book 5. Just messing with Hummingbird, sorry, just kidding! I won’t confirm this claim and I won’t ! If you haven’t read up to book 4 you have no business here!


Are you still here? Well hopefully you’ve read the books 1-4!


Randomness; There’s one thing I don’t understand. Why does no one feel sympathy for Edaline and Grady? I mean, these elves should at least try to imagine their families dying. They would understand then. But none of them even tried putting themselves in their shoes. It makes me angry.

Characters: Sophie is a great character who is brave as well as smart. She would do anything for her loved ones. Pretty much the same as most main characters. But I like the telepathy thing.  Okay next. Fitz. Please don’t hate me, but I don’t like Fitz. Like, what the heck, he sees her as a sister and then it totally changes in book 5! Also, I get it, you lost your dad. But that doesn’t give you the right to be so rude to Sophie! And he’s too perfect. Also, he needs to stop butting in when Sophie and Keefe are going somewhere. Team Foster-Keefe is way better than team Keefitzer. NO ONE LIKES TEAM SOPHITZ EITHER!!! Okay fine maybe some people do. But I do not!!!! Now let’s talk about Fitz’s… um… unflaws. He… Uh…. Tries to save Sophie. He helps battle the never seen. I sorta suspect him!!! He’s just like Alvar! (Scowls at Fitz) Enough about Fitz, let’s talk about Dex. Dex is nice. That’s all you can really say about him. At first he was a main character, but now he’s barely even in the books. He’s pretty cool I guess. Now let’s talk about Biana. She’s cool. I didn’t like her at first, but she’s actually a nice character. I don’t have anything else to say. Now, best out of those four, Keefe. Keefe is an awesome character with an awesome backstory thing. His character is the most, like, deep of all of them. At first he may appear as that usual Fred-And-George troublemaker who everyone wants to be friends with. But then you find out so much about him that your brain explodes. His mother is pure evil. His dad is just plain mean. He feels unwanted, and finds that he can only cover up his misery with jokes and pranks. It makes you wanna cry sometimes. Keefe thinks he is worthless. But he’s not. IF HE DIES I AM GOING TO PUNCH SHANNON MESSENGER IN THE FACE, RIP UP ALL HER BOOKS AND JUST SIT THERE AND CRY. Back to the point. Keefe is also really funny and cool as well as brave and a good friend. He’s usually on the bright side. But what I like about him is that he isn’t just this nice guy. He actually has character! Honestly, I think Fitz is kind of that typical popular nice guy. But Keefe has a LOT to his character. And he JOINED THE NEVERSEEN. THE NEVERSEEN!!! THATS BETRAYAL TO THE MAX!!! But he’s doing it for the right reason. Ahhhhh what else do I say? I dunno. He’s amazing. Best character ever. The end.

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