Movie Review: Dangal

Hellooooo! So, last night, I watched a movie called Dangal, which means Wrestler in Hindi. It’s an Indian movie by the way. It’s a true story. It’s in Hindi, but there’s almost always subtitles in case you need them!

Plot: There’s this man. He was once a wrestler but he quit. His dream was to win a medal for India, but he never got to fulfill that dream. He wants a son to fulfill that dream for him. But instead he has a daughter. And another. And another. And another. He is dissapointed until one day two of his daughters beat two boys up. He realizes that his daughters have potential and decides to raise them to become wrestlers. You’ll see whether they fulfill his dream or not!

Age reccommendation: As it is about wrestling, this movie was obviously a little bit violent. But there was no blood, and no visible injuries, except for one part, where people are bruised. Other than that, it was just flipping eachother over and pushing eachother, along with some slapping. But I would still say children should be at least 7 or 8 to watch this movie, since younger children may start thinking it’s okay to beat people up. It wasn’t scary or overly violent at all. Just to clarify, I would say you should be at least 7+, though it does depend on what the child is like.

Moral: This movie has great messages. Such as, the most obvious one, girls can do anything they put their mind to. But there are some more. One is that you have to work hard to get success. In order to reach your goal, you have to actually work for it. If you want to be president, you may think all you have to do is get lots of votes or just be rich. (Cough cough Trump cough cough) But in order to be a good president, you have to study law and do all this important work. Another is to trust your parents. *Spoilers* At one point, after coming back from the school academy place, the main character, Geeta, believed that her father’s techniques were weak. But then she discovered that when she did her father’s techniques, she did much better. *Spoilers over* And the last one is, your parents won’t always be there. You can’t expect them to do everything for you. You have to work yourself to reach your goal.

Random extra stuff: this movie shows that people used to get married at 14. Idk why I’m telling you, just saying.

Overall rating: I would rate this movie 9 out of 10. Just because. It was a great movie, but nothing is perfect. Not even Harry Potter.

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