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Hi! I’m going to do tags cuz why not? If you didn’t know, a tag is where you answer questions. It’s like a pre-made Q&A.

So today I’ll do the Book Lover TAG, because I love books. That’s all I can say, so let’s get into the TAG.
1: Do you remember how you developed a love for reading?

My mom told me that I always loved to read. Since I learned to read, I loved books. I think I was around 4 or 5 when I started reading.

2: Where do you read?

I will read literally anywhere. Sometimes I’ll be at a restaurant, just reading as I eat. I read anywhere I can.

3: Do you read several books at once or one at a time?

Usually I read one book at a time, but if I’m reading a not very interesting book at school, I will read something awesome at home. I usually get hooked on whichever book I’m reading at the time and can’t even watch a TV show without wondering “Where’s my book?”

4: Fave genre?

I LOVE FANTASY. Almost all of my favorite books are fantasy! The only one I’m obsessed with that isn’t fantasy is the Ascendance trilogy. I am in love with that series! Is that weird? Whatever. Or maybe action adventure? I’ll just go with fantasy.

5: Least fave genre?

My least fave genre is horror. I don’t like scaring myself and I do not like graphic descriptions of icky or scary things.

6: Fave book?

Harry Potter, duh! Deathly Hallows, to be more specific. But I have a whole other list of my favorite series’, which I gave in a previous update post.

7: Least fave book?

Hm… Probably… Uhhhh….. Dear Dumb Diary, I guess. It kinda made me wanna barf sometimes.

8: What is the biggest book you’ve ever read?

One of the Harry Potter books… I don’t remember if the longest was 4 5 or 6… One sec, lemme check. (1 minute later) Order of Phoenix, which is book 5.

9: Last book finished?

Wings Of Fire, book 1, Dragonet Prophecy. It was good, and I’m probably getting book 2 soon.

10: Library or buying?

Buying, because then I can reread it again and again… And sleep with it. Haha, just kidding. Sort of.

11: What are you reading now?

I am reading Ranger’s Apprentice book 1 The Ruins Of Gorlan. It’s pretty good, and I’m almost done with it!


Thats it for the book tag. BYEEE! Go read now and do the book tag in the comments or on your own site! If it’s on your own site, give me the link! Bye!

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