Bahamas-Day 1

Hi! So I went to the Bahamas last week and it was pretty fun!

So we were in the plane for like 3 hours. There was no TV thingamabob so I read Because Of Mr. Terupt on my kindle. Btw, it’s really good, so all of you should read it! Anyways, I finished it after a while and then… I don’t remember what I did… Ugh I have a horrible memory! Like Dory. And Jason. Well actually, it’s not that Jason has a bad memory but Hera/Juno took them and… Never mind! We can chat about that later. Back to what I was saying, soon enough, we arrived at the airport. I literally don’t remember anything. I think Hera stole my memories. OH YES I REMEMBER NOW! So at the airport, we were greeted by this dude who was dressed as a pirate. It was interesting. He was like “ARRR HI MATEYS!” And stuff. Oh and the place was fairly colorful. The walls were all yellow and orange. We went up an escalator and saw a stage. On that stage were some men standing by a drum set. “A band,” I’d assumed. About a minute after I said that, they began playing music as we stood in line for the police people to check our passports. The music was nice. After that, we finally walked out of the airport and got to feel warm again! Well actually it didn’t feel that cold back home, it was like 50°F and we were used to it…. Anyways, it was like 75°F there. We were sweating, especially since we were wearing full sleeves and full pants. We got super cold water bottles from my dad’s company people, then we had to sit in a bus. The bus took us on a tour of Nassau, which was the city thing we were in. The houses were super colorful! I saw some pink, sea green, blue, yellow, and red ones. Oh and Percy Jackson would love this place. Everything was blue! The water was the bluest ever, the houses were blue, I saw some walls that were blue, there were blue sports courts, blue pipes, blue everything! It was crazy! After a billion years, we arrived at the hotel. We had to sit for like 20 minutes for my dad to get us a room or something. Me and my sisters played Name, Place, Animal, Thing, since we had nothing better to do. When we FINALLY got a room, we were pretty much starving. The room was pretty and stuff. There were a bunch of pretty things to see on the way to the room though. There was this little lake thing with Lily-pads, and more water sources with rocks and stuff. The hotel room was pretty cool. We left to eat right after dumping our stuff in our hotel room. We ate some burgers. After, we just relaxed. Then we had to go to a welcoming ceremony. At it, I just sat there, did nothing, and then ate. It was at a beach. My sisters did whatever crazy stuff they liked. That was the first day there!

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