4th Of July

gallery_4th_gallery The 4th of July is coming up, and you all might be wondering “When was it started? WHY has it started?” Well, here’s the answer. HISTORY OF INDEPENDENCE DAY:

A very long time ago, 13 colonies were ruled by the king of England, King George lll. These colonies were tired of being ruled by a king who was miles away from them. Two acts of defiance made history. People dumped tea into the Massachusetts Bay on purpose! British Soldiers shot people. This event was called the Massacre. The people of Virginia voted for a group to represent the colonies. In 1774, the Declaration Of Independence was created to have freedom without England ruling over America. It took years for the Declaration to be finished. The draft was accepted on July 4th, 1776. People read the document to others and everyone celebrated. Soon, Independence day was an Official holiday.


The Liberty Bell wasn’t made in the U.S. and wasn’t rung on the first Independence Day. It was actually made in London in 1752, cracked in 1835 and wasn’t named Liberty until the 1830s, in memory of slaves pursuing their freedom.

The 4th of july is sometimes called “America’s Birthday”.


People of the US celebrate by watching fireworks, parades, having picnics, and holding sparklers(which are like fireworks on a stick)!


Freedom is when you can do what you do, be who you want to be. You know, be free in the world! What do you think freedom is?

A little about me:

My parents are from Pakistan but we still celebrate Independence Day. We celebrate because we’ve been here for a few years and we love america.

god bless all of america!

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  1. Correction: Colonists dumped crates of tea into the Boston Harbor not Massachusetts Bay on December 23, 1773. Plus, you seemed to have totally forgotten about the revolutionary war.
    “British soldiers shot people.” Is this really an ‘act of defiance’? No. What REALLY happened was in March 1770 the colonists threw snowballs at the British and then there was a huge fight and the British ended up killing five people. This is called the Boston Massacre. The British called it the Boston Riot.
    You probably know all of this now because you learned it all in school last year…

    1. Hey hazel, it’s me rtistgirl and I’m too lazy to log into my website so I’ll just reply here. Yes I know all this, my dad sent me some info and I hadn’t learned about this stuff yet so I just copied what it said in my own words, I know now that I made a lot of mistakes. Blame it on the site, it had the wrong info. To be honest, I barely knew what I was writing when I wrote this.

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