The 4th Of July And This Week

Hi, I never told anything about the 4th of july! So, I went outside. First we did a barbecue. A dog ran into our yard. I know a dog named Chester and I thought the dog was Chester, but my mom said “That’s not chester. Chester is smaller!” Oops 😳 … Anyways… We had sparklers!!!!  At first I was a little(okay, maybe A LOT) scared, but eventually, I got over my fear of being burnt. I tried it and wanted to do even more!! So I did. sparkler After a while, we had to go to my school to watch fireworks. We sat and watched fireworks for a pretty long time. When we were walking, I spotted my cousin and screamed her name! Soon, we went home and they (meaning my cousin) came too! I had TONS of FUN!!! And starting Monday, I had Acting Camp!! I met lots of new people and had lots of fun. I even made a video of me talking about it! I’ll post the video soon…

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hi, i'm samara. i started this blog when i was eight because i love art and writing! i spelled it rtist because if you pronounce the R as like, the letter R then it'll be artist. it makes more sense out loud. anyways enjoy!

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