Bahamas-Day 3

On day 3, we went to a place called Blue Lagoon Island.

We had to get up early. Ugh. We woke up at some early time, and we rushed to eat breakfast and then get on the bus shuttle thingy. The vehicle drove us to a place where we all sat and waited. I saw the lamest, easiest riddle on earth on this board that said “Puzzling Riddle Of The Day!” Puzzling? Yeah right. It was something like “I can be used for math and I am a king”. I found it out the moment I saw it. Come up with better riddles, guys! Anyways, soon the boat arrived. We all went in and sat in it for, like, 20 minutes. It was very boring. We just sat there. It was too crowded on the roof, and downstairs I couldn’t see the windows. So yeah, it was pretty boring. We got there after a while. It was a beach, so I attempted (and failed) to make a sound castle. Soon after, I decided to go in the ocean. There were millions (hyperbole!) of tiny fish there and I was scared I would step on one, but the school thankfully moved away from my foot no matter how fast I walked. There was this giant floatie thing in the ocean, and it looked like a large mattress. The first thing I noticed was green fuzzy stuff all over the bottom of it. I asked if it was algae collecting. It was. I sat on it for a while, then lay (Laid? Lied?) down on it, with my feet resting in the water. My mom and sisters did the same. It was pretty relaxing. That’s what we did for 30 minutes until it was time for lunch! They had burgers, so I got one. IT WAS SO BLAND. I DID NOT LIKE IT. Sorry, but the Bahamas does NOT have good burgers. Then, after that. We went home. Well, not home, but back to the hotel. For a while we just chillaxed. Then, my sisters and I had to be dropped off to a Kids Zone thing. This was because my mom and dad had to go to some awards ceremony that kids weren’t allowed to go to for some weird reason. So we were dropped there. I ate some pizza, which wasn’t very good. I AM REALLY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS PLACE’S FOOD, GUYS. After that, Luna was seperated from us because she was below five. *Sad dramatic sigh* For the whole time, we just played random group games. At one point, we were playing four corners, and in between the corner choosing we all had to dance. Sandy and I got out on the first round. So, some not so nice girls were snickering and filming people who they thought danced badly. DUDE, THAT IS SO NOT COOL. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t wanna get in trouble, but I did avoid them. And glare at them once. After, like, an hour of games, Sandy fell asleep on my lap. So I literally could not move. Then, later, Sandy and Luna were reunited when we were brought into a room to watch Zootopia! I love that movie! My sisters did not fall asleep as we watched, thankfully. So that day was good, I guess.

Bahamas-Day 2

Now for day 2!

On the second day, my dad had a meeting thing. We went to breakfast, which was pretty good. They had chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate muffins and waffles and… *drools* Ha, sorry… Anyways, after breakfast, we went to the pool. We saw a family pool, which was pretty empty and went up to 5 feet, so I wanted to go in it. But my mom wanted to go to the kids pool, which was slightly crowded and went up to 3 feet. Hey, I’m not complaining! I mean I didn’t like it, but my sisters had fun so I guess it was okay. There were a couple slides and stuff, but I don’t like slides so I just went on a tiny one. I mostly just sat on a rock in the pool with nothing to do… Soon, my dad was finally done with his meeting, and so we walked to an aquarium. It was a looong walk… Anyways so we saw the aquarium which didn’t look to be that much. Well, we were mistaken. We walked into the place and it was… Well, creepy. It was super dark, so I turned on flash on my iPod. There was eerie music playing and some sort of symbols all around. They looked quite like hieroglyphics, though I knew Atlantis wasn’t Egyptian. Then, we walked further and on both sides were glowing tanks with legs crawling inside them. Literally all we could see were the legs… It was creepy. I assumed the legs belonged to a lobster or crab. It was creeping me out though, so I just ran through. Then, the eerie music and darkness continued and we approached another glowing tank, now with HUGE fish, which barely moved. They were also gray, which made them look like stone. We kept on walking and seeing creepy fish in the dark. There was also a room which was actually lit. It had thrones and a water fountain and stuff. I felt like I would get trapped if I sat on a throne, because of the eerie feeling in the other rooms. I didn’t, obviously. When we left the aquarium, we decided to hang out at the pool for a little longer. My dad and sister, Sandy, were too lazy to walk and decided to ride the River Rapids. We were with Luna and had a lot of stuff to carry, so me and my mom couldn’t ride with them. We walked, like, a million miles. Just kidding! But it was a long walk. And it was so sunny, I felt like my feet were on fire. Then, we waited for Sandy and my dad at the pool. They came after a while. Then my mom suggested we go on the River Rapids together while my dad watched my Sandy and Luna. I hesitantly agreed. I was nervous because they were RIVER RAPIDS, and we all know rapids are quite… Rapid. We selected a double tube. I COULD NOT SIT IN THE THING. I JUST COULDN’T. I tried, but I COULD NOT. After a while we finally got in. We tried to get to the entrance where the waves began, but our tube had other ideas. The stupid tube just decided to float in the OPPOSITE direction, so we were trying to get to the entrance for, like, 20 minutes before we finally did. A person pushed our tube into the entrance eventually. THANKS, PERSON! As I went through the river Rapids thing, I found it was really fun! I think I went, like, 6 times. They were fairly fast in some cases, but we were all fine. Soon after, we were hungry and we went to the Marina village for dinner. There were people singing and stuff there. We ate at Burger Shack. Now, I’m going to be a food critic for a minute. Their food sucked. My mom said her burger was good. I think it was a barbecue cheeseburger. But their chicken was tasteless, and their fish didn’t even taste like fish. I didn’t like it, so I just ate all of Sandy’s mac and cheese. That was good. That was day 2!

Bahamas-Day 1

Hi! So I went to the Bahamas last week and it was pretty fun!

So we were in the plane for like 3 hours. There was no TV thingamabob so I read Because Of Mr. Terupt on my kindle. Btw, it’s really good, so all of you should read it! Anyways, I finished it after a while and then… I don’t remember what I did… Ugh I have a horrible memory! Like Dory. And Jason. Well actually, it’s not that Jason has a bad memory but Hera/Juno took them and… Never mind! We can chat about that later. Back to what I was saying, soon enough, we arrived at the airport. I literally don’t remember anything. I think Hera stole my memories. OH YES I REMEMBER NOW! So at the airport, we were greeted by this dude who was dressed as a pirate. It was interesting. He was like “ARRR HI MATEYS!” And stuff. Oh and the place was fairly colorful. The walls were all yellow and orange. We went up an escalator and saw a stage. On that stage were some men standing by a drum set. “A band,” I’d assumed. About a minute after I said that, they began playing music as we stood in line for the police people to check our passports. The music was nice. After that, we finally walked out of the airport and got to feel warm again! Well actually it didn’t feel that cold back home, it was like 50°F and we were used to it…. Anyways, it was like 75°F there. We were sweating, especially since we were wearing full sleeves and full pants. We got super cold water bottles from my dad’s company people, then we had to sit in a bus. The bus took us on a tour of Nassau, which was the city thing we were in. The houses were super colorful! I saw some pink, sea green, blue, yellow, and red ones. Oh and Percy Jackson would love this place. Everything was blue! The water was the bluest ever, the houses were blue, I saw some walls that were blue, there were blue sports courts, blue pipes, blue everything! It was crazy! After a billion years, we arrived at the hotel. We had to sit for like 20 minutes for my dad to get us a room or something. Me and my sisters played Name, Place, Animal, Thing, since we had nothing better to do. When we FINALLY got a room, we were pretty much starving. The room was pretty and stuff. There were a bunch of pretty things to see on the way to the room though. There was this little lake thing with Lily-pads, and more water sources with rocks and stuff. The hotel room was pretty cool. We left to eat right after dumping our stuff in our hotel room. We ate some burgers. After, we just relaxed. Then we had to go to a welcoming ceremony. At it, I just sat there, did nothing, and then ate. It was at a beach. My sisters did whatever crazy stuff they liked. That was the first day there!

random update cuz why not

Hello! It’s me! I’ve been… Ah, forget it I don’t know the lyrics.

I went to the Bahamas a week ago. It was super fun! We went because my dad won an award from work. So yeah. I’ll be writing stuff on that.


too lazy to finish singing it 😝

Oh btw I’m on spring break.

reading: otherworld, on book two, The Boy With The Hidden Name. It’s pretty good.


i have nothing else to speak of atm so bye!

My billionth update: I Blab about books I’m dying for

yes,I have exaggerated a lot. It isn’t my billionth. But it seems like a lot of my posts have been updates.


so someone commented “you need to post.” I know who it was, but I forgot what name they used lol. Anyways, so I’m just updating y’all on meh.

Im going to the Bahamas in like 2 weeks. I might do a post on that, so stay tuned!

Um so. I still pretty much like the same books.

one thing though.

THE COVER AND TITLE FOR KOTLC BOOK 6 HAVE BEEN RELEASES! THE TITLE IS NIGHTFALL AND THE COVER IS AMAZINGGGG!!! I’m sooooo curious! What will happen? How does Sophie feel about ______’_ _____?  (I used blanks there cuz I can’t tell you what it is! It’s a huge spoiler for book five!) I mean, obviously she’ll be like really sad. Keefe will probably hopefully play a bigger role in the book because he’s on the cover. So will Linh. Is Grady still calling _____  ____ ___? Because if he is I will be angry. What more will we discover??? AND OMG ASDFGHJK THE CLIFFHANGER! Ahhhhhh!!!! Sophie… She… OMG she recognized… AHHHHHH!!!! I’m guessing no one has a clue what I’m talking about but ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! And then there’s Trials of Apollo book 2! Annabeth’s gonna be in itttt!!! Perhaps Magnus will be mentioned!!! And Magnus chase book 3!!! Ahhhh!! Percyyyyyy!!!!! Ahahahaahahahaha!!!! YAYYYYYY! “I think it’s time you met Percy.” (Fangirl squeals) ASDGSJNWUSNSH! Okay, here’s something about me. If my book, or even a person mentions one of my fandom or one of the precious characters, I get super excited. Ask Hummingbird! Once she and S were talking in front of me on the bus, I was just staring into space, and they mentioned Artemis fowl and I was like “WHAT? DID YOU SAY ARTEMIS FOWL?” It was actually pretty funny. And once in fourth grade when I was a beginning fangirl, I was staring at my notebook as Ms. H told us about how we have to write about the main characters’ personality traits. She then gave an example of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The minute she said the Harry of Harry Potter, I looked up quickly. I think that’s how the class found out I was a Harry Potter fan. Now, I’m considered the biggest Harry Potter fan like EVER. Well, only the people who were in my class considered me that but ya know, whatever. That’s like 20 people. Anyways, so I feel like this would be funny and I just felt like writing it.

*Person is talking to Someone Else and I am sitting near them. Btw, we are pretending they are both male for no reason*

Person: do not go near that girl. She is scary.

someone else: I know her, she can’t be that scary. What happened?

Person: So she was just staring at the last page of a book

Someone Else: sounds like her

person: but she looked kinda sad so I walked over to her and asked her stuff about the book

someone else: dude why did you do that? You know she’s crazy!

Person: yeah, so I was just talking to her and she suddenly started talking super fast

Someone else: I heard she prefers the term ranting.

person: yeah, she mentioned that.

Me: (not paying attention at all, so distracted can’t even hear them, just reading)

Someone else: what did she say?

person: she started rambling about memory loss and mismatched eyes, and then she said something about a boy named Arty—

Me: (Looks up quickly and starts paying attention to this conversation.) *whispers* arty?

Person: and then something about holly and how short she was?

me: (cough cough) *under breath* her name is holly short (cough cough)

(They dont hear me)

Someone else: holly is short? What the heck?

Person: I know right? And then she looked at a page of her book, whispered “D’ARVIT!” and then she just stared into space. I think she was about to cry

Someone else: that’s weird.

person: then I was like “um, do you need me to get the guidance counselor or something?” And she looked at me angrily and said “Stay back human, you don’t know what you’re dealing with!”

me: (GASPS)

Person: um, hi?

Me: hi what are you talking about?

Person: well… We’re talking about you…

Me: Oh… Well it’s not my fault the book is a roller coaster of emotions….

Person and someone else: ooookay…..


someone:…wow I’ve never seen her look this angry

Person: told ya she was scary

me: or Tartarus is a good option too… Either way, go away mortals!

and that’s how you scare people lol.

i feel like if I revealed my fangirlness to everyone people might just think I’m crazy. Gotta go, goodnight! I might post more tomorrow!



Hey. How you doing? Well I’m doing just fine I lied im dying inside. Sorry, got that stuck in my head. XD


I won the school spelling bee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, thank you. Oh please, you don’t need to applaud!

Anyways, yeah, I won the spelling bee, and I’m apparently going to state or regional or something next! Exciting, I know!

Now, let’s talk about something else. So, first, I’m 11 now. Hogwarts age!!! 😀 I’ve been reading the Ranger’s Apprentice series. It’s really good. I’m on book 4. Pokémon XYZ ended… ;( They started the Sun and Moon anime, and I just.. CAN’T watch it. Just look at the animation, and you’ll get it. ASH JUMPED OFF THE TALLEST  BUILDING IN KALOS TO SAVE PIKACHU IN XY BUT IN SUN AND MOON HE MAKES ROWLET GO GET PIKACHU OFF OF A CLIFF!!!!!!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! The only thing that might make me watch again is an old character coming back. They should also start a series about Serena’s journey, which would be pretty awesome. OMG THERE IS GONNA BE A NEW POKEMON MOVIE!!!! It’s coming out in June or July, which sucks, but….. It is…. TAKING PLACE IN… GUESS WHERE?



YAAASSSS!!!!!! I need Misty and Brock to be in this. PLEASE. Some of you probably have no idea what I’m rambling about, but whatever! I watched Fantastic Beasts BTW. It was AWESOMAZING! Also. Um. There are 2 books I am DYING FOR. 1. Keeper of the lost cities book 6 2. Magisterium Book 4



SO yeah that’s it good night y’all

Book Lover Tag

Hi! I’m going to do tags cuz why not? If you didn’t know, a tag is where you answer questions. It’s like a pre-made Q&A.

So today I’ll do the Book Lover TAG, because I love books. That’s all I can say, so let’s get into the TAG.
1: Do you remember how you developed a love for reading?

My mom told me that I always loved to read. Since I learned to read, I loved books. I think I was around 4 or 5 when I started reading.

2: Where do you read?

I will read literally anywhere. Sometimes I’ll be at a restaurant, just reading as I eat. I read anywhere I can.

3: Do you read several books at once or one at a time?

Usually I read one book at a time, but if I’m reading a not very interesting book at school, I will read something awesome at home. I usually get hooked on whichever book I’m reading at the time and can’t even watch a TV show without wondering “Where’s my book?”

4: Fave genre?

I LOVE FANTASY. Almost all of my favorite books are fantasy! The only one I’m obsessed with that isn’t fantasy is the Ascendance trilogy. I am in love with that series! Is that weird? Whatever. Or maybe action adventure? I’ll just go with fantasy.

5: Least fave genre?

My least fave genre is horror. I don’t like scaring myself and I do not like graphic descriptions of icky or scary things.

6: Fave book?

Harry Potter, duh! Deathly Hallows, to be more specific. But I have a whole other list of my favorite series’, which I gave in a previous update post.

7: Least fave book?

Hm… Probably… Uhhhh….. Dear Dumb Diary, I guess. It kinda made me wanna barf sometimes.

8: What is the biggest book you’ve ever read?

One of the Harry Potter books… I don’t remember if the longest was 4 5 or 6… One sec, lemme check. (1 minute later) Order of Phoenix, which is book 5.

9: Last book finished?

Wings Of Fire, book 1, Dragonet Prophecy. It was good, and I’m probably getting book 2 soon.

10: Library or buying?

Buying, because then I can reread it again and again… And sleep with it. Haha, just kidding. Sort of.

11: What are you reading now?

I am reading Ranger’s Apprentice book 1 The Ruins Of Gorlan. It’s pretty good, and I’m almost done with it!


Thats it for the book tag. BYEEE! Go read now and do the book tag in the comments or on your own site! If it’s on your own site, give me the link! Bye!

A new story and Downdate lol

this is an update that I called a Downdate cuz why not. I like books. I ditched The White Door (which was what I promised myself not to do ughhhh) because I came up with a better, more original idea. I started writing it in my head in the shower.  TMI? Whatever. I don’t know what it’s called but for now I will call it My Life Sucks. That title was suggested by Sea Otter. It’s about a girl who is considered a villain and that’s pretty much all I know so far. Her life sucks. Her name is Genevieve. Yeah. That’s all I can think of saying. So here’s what I’ve written so far!
My Life Sucks

I am too young to die. It’s the truth. 12 is way too young to face death. But guess what? The world doesn’t care! The world loathes me as much as the people in my city do. Simply because I do not get along with their stupid hero Alec Roveri. The name makes me want to break something. A villain! Is that really what you’d call me? I guess it makes sense. Nobody ever thinks about how a villain feels. They just assume they’re evil for the sake of being evil. Everyone has a motive. Maybe the Evil Queen isn’t evil. If you actually thought about it, it would make perfect sense if she just had low self confidence. The Evil Queen could really just be a woman who needed a reminder that she was beautiful and that she had worth. After discovering that she wasn’t the fairest, she must’ve thought that meant she wasn’t fair. She needed that confidence so much, she was willing to kill for it. And Maleficent. She could’ve just been angry that she wasn’t invited. Think about it. As a young child, if somebody would invite everybody except you to a party, wouldn’t you be sad and angry? If they called you an evil witch, a monster, wouldn’t you hate them? Crashing parties is normal in real life. Why does it make you evil in a story? I could give many more examples, but I have a story to tell.

I dashed down the street, pulling my black hood over my face. As I relaxed my hands, the hood slipped off my face, and my identity was revealed. Luckily, only a few people recognized me. A mother pulled her child closer to her, looking at me with fear. I also caught a few suspicious glances and glares. I quickly pulled the hood back toward my face and kept a tight grip on it. It was crazy how I couldn’t even walk down the street without people I glanced at the table next to the sofa. On that table was a picture of my parents. “I miss you,” I whispered, stroking the picture. Their faces were blurry through the tears in my eyes. I suddenly felt a surge of anger. If they knew…. I bet if Alec had a loss caused by me everybody would be sobbing with sympathy and it would be perfectly fine if he murdered me. But no, just because my father was enemies with stupid Alec and his stupid partner, I was treated unfairly. I then realized I was practically blaming my dad for my life. “No,” I said aloud, trying to keep my voice steady, “It’s Alec’s fault.” I then realized Grandma was behind me. “That’s right, Genevieve. It’s his fault. The only way to get him back is to take something he cares about. How about his little partner?” She suggested. I felt the anger rising. “Maybe,” I said simply, as I always did to Grandma’s plans. “Think it over. Go eat. Nobody’s stopping you.” Grandma instructed, turning away. I nodded, and walked to the kitchen, though the tears had began slipping out. I had an apple. They were dad’s favorite. He thought it was just plain silly how people thought we ate poison apples. “How would we even digest that?” He’d laugh. Any thought of my father made my heart ache, but at the same time, the hole he’d left seemed to get smaller. I blinked back my tears and put my parents out of my mind. Would I even try to kill anyone? ‘No,’ i thought. I couldn’t stoop down to their level. But… I could still cause havoc. I grabbed a sword and ran outside. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it, just that I would use it. I pulled my long dark hair into a ponytail. I used to cut it short to rebel against my mom, who liked it long. Now, since she was gone, I finally listened to her. ‘My mother isn’t dead,’ I reminded myself. But my dad was. He was gone. There was only one way to get him back. And that’s what the heroes had. I suddenly ran out, wanting them to hurt on the outside as much as I did on the inside. I heard gasps on the streets and a boy around my age yelled “Get the police!” I glared at them, lifting my sword. “If you dare bring them, I swear I will cut off your neck.” I growled. Shaking, the boy nodded. I felt like laughing. I was 12, and I was the most feared person in the city. “I’m getting the police!” Someone exclaimed. I ran to them. “Oh my gosh, that’s so great! Death might just come early and quick.” I laughed. ‘Why am I laughing at just dark statements?’ I wondered. I lifted up my sword again. Suddenly, somebody pulled it down. “Pick on someone your own size,” Alec said with an annoying smirk. I rolled my eyes. “That doesn’t work here.” I pointed out. “You only say that if I’m picking on someone smaller. If I’m picking on someone bigger, then you’re just sad.” Yes, I am a know-it-all. I can’t help correcting everything. “Whatever.” Alec replied, his smirk gone. “What do you want, Genevieve?” “First of all, don’t you dare call me by my name. Second, all I need is that little ring.” I said. “Never!” He exclaimed. So dramatic. “Give it to me and nobody gets hurt.” I growled. “Why should I? What do you even want?” “Tsk tsk tsk… don’t ask questions that’ll get you killed.” Not because it’s dangerous, but because if he asked again I would murder him. “Enough talk,” I said. I brought up my sword and tried to hit his arm with the flat part of my sword. I wasn’t angry enough to draw blood, though. “What do you want?” He repeated, clutching his arm. “Why are you so evil?” I was suddenly outraged. “Evil?” I asked quietly. “EVIL?!?” I repeated, my voice a scream now. “YOU THINK I’M EVIL?!?! You ruined my life! I hate you.” I said giving him a loathsome look. I used the blade this time, hitting his arm again and again. I probably broke his arm. “Give me it.” I said. “I don’t have it!” He exclaimed, obviously in pain. “Alec Roveri, don’t you dare lie.”


Keeper Of The Lost Cities: Book Talk

Hi! I’m bored so i decided to review Keeper of the Lost Cities. THIS SERIES IS AMAZING!!!! You have to read it!!!! No spoilers in this section! I will have one section with huge spoilers so watch out for that!

Plot: There’s this girl, Sophie, and she’s 12 years old yet she’s in high school. Obviously, she is very intelligent. But she also can hear the buzz of people’s thoughts wherever she goes. She’s never really felt like she belongs. Until a boy named Fitz comes and tells her the truth— That she is an elf. She then attends an elf school. But she is still very different from the others. Why, you ask? You’ll see…

Age reccommendation: This book has violence and so far only some romance, but most books have that. I wouldn’t call it scary though. There is some death and a medium amount of violence. There is also betrayal and a lot of near-death experiences for the main characters, I would say you should be 9+ to read this series.

Rating: This series is awesome. I love most of the characters! They almost seem real! The world is great! I don’t even know what to say… The characters have bigger personalities then what you see at first. Yeah that’s all I can think of without spoilers. Out of 10, I rate this book 9.98, since nothing is perfect, though this series is pretty close!


NOW TIME FOR THE SPOILERS!!! Do not read this until you’ve read books 1-4! I may say a little about 5, but not too much. Other than that, I may be discussing a few pretty huge things in this! So if you haven’t gotten to four, SHOO!!!


~~~~~~~~DONT YOU DARE GO PAST THE LINE ~~~~~~~~~~~


Keefe dies in book 5. Just messing with Hummingbird, sorry, just kidding! I won’t confirm this claim and I won’t ! If you haven’t read up to book 4 you have no business here!


Are you still here? Well hopefully you’ve read the books 1-4!


Randomness; There’s one thing I don’t understand. Why does no one feel sympathy for Edaline and Grady? I mean, these elves should at least try to imagine their families dying. They would understand then. But none of them even tried putting themselves in their shoes. It makes me angry.

Characters: Sophie is a great character who is brave as well as smart. She would do anything for her loved ones. Pretty much the same as most main characters. But I like the telepathy thing.  Okay next. Fitz. Please don’t hate me, but I don’t like Fitz. Like, what the heck, he sees her as a sister and then it totally changes in book 5! Also, I get it, you lost your dad. But that doesn’t give you the right to be so rude to Sophie! And he’s too perfect. Also, he needs to stop butting in when Sophie and Keefe are going somewhere. Team Foster-Keefe is way better than team Keefitzer. NO ONE LIKES TEAM SOPHITZ EITHER!!! Okay fine maybe some people do. But I do not!!!! Now let’s talk about Fitz’s… um… unflaws. He… Uh…. Tries to save Sophie. He helps battle the never seen. I sorta suspect him!!! He’s just like Alvar! (Scowls at Fitz) Enough about Fitz, let’s talk about Dex. Dex is nice. That’s all you can really say about him. At first he was a main character, but now he’s barely even in the books. He’s pretty cool I guess. Now let’s talk about Biana. She’s cool. I didn’t like her at first, but she’s actually a nice character. I don’t have anything else to say. Now, best out of those four, Keefe. Keefe is an awesome character with an awesome backstory thing. His character is the most, like, deep of all of them. At first he may appear as that usual Fred-And-George troublemaker who everyone wants to be friends with. But then you find out so much about him that your brain explodes. His mother is pure evil. His dad is just plain mean. He feels unwanted, and finds that he can only cover up his misery with jokes and pranks. It makes you wanna cry sometimes. Keefe thinks he is worthless. But he’s not. IF HE DIES I AM GOING TO PUNCH SHANNON MESSENGER IN THE FACE, RIP UP ALL HER BOOKS AND JUST SIT THERE AND CRY. Back to the point. Keefe is also really funny and cool as well as brave and a good friend. He’s usually on the bright side. But what I like about him is that he isn’t just this nice guy. He actually has character! Honestly, I think Fitz is kind of that typical popular nice guy. But Keefe has a LOT to his character. And he JOINED THE NEVERSEEN. THE NEVERSEEN!!! THATS BETRAYAL TO THE MAX!!! But he’s doing it for the right reason. Ahhhhh what else do I say? I dunno. He’s amazing. Best character ever. The end.