2016 Presidential Election–My Perspective!

Note: This post doesn’t mean to offend anyone. It talks a little bit about my opinion on this stuff, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I am right. If you disagree, please do not write any hateful comments. Everybody has their own opinions!

Note 2: I might not have my facts straight. Just letting you know. Correct me on anything if I’m wrong in the comments!

Hi people! I wanna say I haven’t been on here in like a long time, but I say that every time now, so…. yeah.

You probably know that today is the day of the presidential election. Unless you’re not in America….. if you are, then I’ll just tell you, it’s Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump. Anyways, so i went with my mom to see her vote. It was easier than you might think. There was this piece of paper and you just had to fill in the square next to whatever you want. The first one was asking who you wanted for president. There was the choice of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or two other random people I didn’t know much about. There were also questions asking who you wanted for mayor, um… town council or something,  congress, and…. something else. Sorry, I have a really bad memory. Like Dory. Anyways, my mom voted for Hillary Clinton. So did my dad. They got stickers saying 2016 Presidential Election, and I got a sticker that said FUTURE VOTER. In my opinion, I think Hillary’s better than Donald Trump.  But I still would prefer it was neither. Like maybe Obama could be president again. Or, even better, maybe Michelle Obama could be it. But, sadly, they can’t do that.

No offense to his supporters, but I think Donald Trump is too, like, racist and not really qualified. He had a TV show, and some board games, but I don’t think he really did much in law. I could be wrong, though. He claims to ‘Make America great again.’ What I wonder is why he says that when it’s already great? We don’t need someone to make our country great again, but someone to make it greater. He also believes that making other Americans get out is the way to go. But I don’t agree. There are attacks and war going on, and if we force half our country to leave, we can’t defeat the attackers. Wow… I sounded almost like an adult there… Okay. So my point is, I don’t really think Trump is the right president.

I’m gonna be honest here, I don’t really know about Hillary. I mean, she seems nice, but I keep on hearing about some email thing, and apparently it’s not good. Yes, I’ve heard of it, my dad is always watching the news. Apparently she deleted a lot of important emails. I don’t know much about that, so let’s just talk about something else. I agree with stuff she says, but for some reason, a lot of people say she’s lying. Enough about other people’s opinions, let’s talk about what she says and claims to do. Hillary Clinton says she will unite our country, which is good. We shouldn’t be dividing it like Trump says. She says that we have to work together to fix the problems. I agree with that too. Most of what I hear her saying is about unity. Her motto saying thing is Stronger Together. I think she is qualified, because I heard she was a lawyer or politician or had some other job like that. I don’t really know what else to say. So I’m sure she would be a better president than Donald Trump.

Well, those are my thoughts on the election. That was the perspective of a kid talking more mature than usual for some random reason. My point was, I hope Hillary wins. Tell me who you want to win and why! Again, if you want to write about how you disagree, please do it nicely! Like I said earlier, everyone has their own opinion!

Quick Life Update: I might try to post at least every other week, because I’m never on here anymore. I’ve been a bit busy with school. And homework. I also joined Girl Scouts, video game club, and scrap booking, and sometimes I wanna use all my downtime for just reading or watching videos. But I’ll try to post more! Bye now!

A quick update

Hiiiiiii!!! Just a quick update– I dunno if you know, but I interviewed LuAnn Bennett, I will tell you more about that later, I started school, it’s pretty fun, my homeroom teacher Ms. D is very nice (so far), and my math teacher Mrs. M is nice too, and so is Mrs. D! I’m still working on The White Door/Lizabeth Oddity and that’s that…

School is starting!

AHHHHHH! School is starting soon! Or maybe it already started for you! For me, it’s starting this Monday. IN TWO DAYS. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. ITS MY LAST YEAR IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! I hope there isn’t as much drama as last year, because, believe me, there was A LOT! I just didn’t write about it because I didn’t want to hurt people’s feelings. I only wrote, like, one or two things about drama. I’m planning on writing about EVERYTHING that happened on my first day of school, unless it’s an EXTREMELY PRIVATE SECRET or something. But I’m pretty excited for school! But my science/homeroom teacher (yes, we have different classes for each subject now) said we would have to dissect… Something gross that I’m not going to mention yet. Anyways, school is pretty exciting!

Question of the day: Are you excited for, nervous for, or are you dreading school?

My answer: Excited mostly, but also a bit nervous! I’m only dreading it 0.1%!!!

Lizabeth Oddity

Hey guys, so I’m writing a story. It’s called the white door and it’s about a 10 year old girl named Lizabeth Oddity. I’ve been writing it for a while and I wanted to see what you guys think of it so far! Comment what you think!

The White Door

Chapter 1
Once there was a door. This door was not ordinary. The door was white with gold swirls hugging tall green leaves. It had a gold wolf knocker on it. The door was beautiful. But to something beautiful, there is always an ugly side. No one who has gone in has ever come out until a young girl named Lizabeth Oddity found the door. This is her story.
Lizabeth was always the odd one. Her natural hair color was a light blue and her eyes were purple. People also thought her name was strange. Lizabeth’s mother forgot the E in Elizabeth, but they never changed Lizabeth’s name because Ms. Oddity thought it was just as pretty as Elizabeth. Lizabeth agreed. Her mom was odd as well, but Lizabeth didn’t understand where she got blue hair from. Her mom had black hair but she still had the same purple eyes as Lizabeth did. ‘Why do people think it’s bad that I’m odd?’ She’d ask her mother. ‘Because they don’t know that odd is special.’ Her mother would reply.
Lizabeth didn’t have a father. Her father left them when Lizabeth was born. His name was Warren Johnson. Quite a plain name, you see. That’s why Ms. Oddity never changed her last name. Warren was a normal man, with neat brown hair and a job as a teacher. When he saw the little Oddity, he left her–when she was only 0–wanting a plain life. What no one knew was that Lizabeth was to see him again in 10 years.

Chapter 2
“Mom?” Lizabeth whispered into the darkness. She was 10 now. A sudden thought popped into her head and she couldn’t sleep. “Yes?” answered her mother’s soft voice. “Why don’t I have a dad?” She asked. “He left when you were born because he couldn’t see how special you were.” “Why?”
(Why. Why, the most answered and unanswered word. Why do we call it this? Why did it happen? WHY? Why is the word why? WHY???)
“I don’t know, honey.” Ms. Oddity replied. “Go to sleep.” So Lizabeth slept. She had strange dreams, about a door, about a man with neat brown hair, about a war of wizardry vs. sorcery, though she always thought they were the same thing, but they were not. She awoke, yelling a weird chant of nonsense words. Suddenly her pillow was set on fire. “AAAGHHH!” She yelled. She screamed another strange chant. The pillow was soaked with a jet of water. Ms. Oddity was probably the deepest sleeper in the world, for she had not been awoken. After then, Lizabeth realized she was more odd than everyone thought she was.
Lizabeth Oddity was a witch.

Chapter 3
A witch? A WITCH? You are probably thinking something similar to that. Well, Lizabeth wasn’t a green-faced, broomstick flying witch, she just knew witchcraft. Somehow, she could do magic. This seems very confusing, I know.
Lizabeth stared at her hands in amazement. “I’m a…a witch…” She whispered to herself. Then she got up suddenly. “I can’t stay here,” she said a bit loudly. Her mom snored, but didn’t wake up still. Then she packed a couple of pairs of clothes, 5 water bottles, several snacks, some more essentials such as blankets, sheets, and pillows, and an umbrella in a white duffel bag. Then she ran out of her house and into a man with a dark coat.
“Who are you?” She said. “The question is not who I am, but what I am doing here.” The man in the coat replied. He had a British accent. She looked up at his face. He had neat brown hair that didn’t match the rest of his face and blue eyes. His eyebrows were arched and jet-black, as if covered in a dark ink. His eyes were angry, looking like he was ready to shoot someone with them. “Who are you?” Lizabeth said, louder and much more confident that he was an enemy. “That is not to be told.” “Then why should I trust you?” Lizabeth asked. “Because,” he said, “You must survive.” “I-what– SURVIVE?” Lizabeth stuttered, confused. “What would ever be a danger to ME?” Lizabeth asked. “Witch hunters. If you won’t listen to me, then all I can say is: Find the door. Go. It’s your only hope.” The man said. “You’ll need this key.” He handed her a key.
“My only–?” Lizabeth said, but he was already gone. She examined her new key. It was and colored golden with green leaves peeking in from the sides. Lizabeth stood, still lost in thought. ‘He looked like the man from my dream.’ She thought.
She knew this man. Yet she didn’t know who he was.

Chapter 4
Lizabeth walked. She was determined to find this door. Even if it meant trusting a complete stranger. “I– I’ll trust you. If you come back and explain.” Lizabeth didn’t expect anything to happen. And nothing did happen. She sighed and stared at her neon yellow high-tops. She tried to conjure up a charm bracelet and ended up with a rubber band big enough to fit her hand. “Get me a charm bracelet!!! Charmi braceleto?” Apparently that wasn’t how you got a charm bracelet. She cast another spell to get the key on the rubber band. That one worked. A keychain ring popped up, attached to the key. She slid it on to her foot because… Well she didn’t know why. She just felt like doing it. ‘Will that man even hear me?’ It was hopeless. She turned. ‘Where am I going?’ She wondered. Her feet seemed to be taking her wherever they wanted to. “Well,” she muttered, “It’s not like I know where to go…” Lizabeth raised her head and looked around. “So,” she continued, “Lead the way, I feet. Just don’t let me walk off a cliff.”
As Lizabeth walked, she started to wonder if she should continue walking or not. She realized that she didn’t even know the man, and it could be a trap. Yet something told her to keep going. She walked and walked until she just sat down on the grass. “I’m getting nowhe–” she started to murmur, until she noticed a big purple and blue ball of light. It flew around and Lizabeth followed it, stretching out her fingers, staring in wonder. She didn’t even notice she was in a forest then. She kept on walking towards the ball until she was too tired to continue.
Lizabeth took out a sheet and sat down. She looked at the ball, which had stopped and just hovered into the air as if it was waiting for her. She tried to conjure up another rubber band (Charmi Braceletio!) but failed and ended up with a charm bracelet. “I’m really bad at this…” She murmured. Lizabeth then slipped the rubber band off her foot and removed the charm and put it on the bracelet. She tied her blue hair into a braid using the rubber band. Lizabeth hid behind a tree and changed her pajamas that she’d worn to sleep last night into a tank top with a loose sweater over it and some skinny jeans. Though she was odd, she still dressed normally. She sat on the sheet with her blanket and pillow and rested.
After about an hour, Lizabeth got up and walked some more. Then, after a very short time, she stopped. In front of her was a beautiful door, with green stalks and golden swirls wrapped around them. She saw a gold wolf knocker. She began to knock on the door with the knocker. Then she heard a growl. Lizabeth leapt back, surprised. “Watch it.” The gold knocker had growled. “You talk?” Lizabeth asked, still shocked. “No, I’m just forming sounds with my snout. Of course I talk!” ‘Sheesh…Watch the sarcasm!’ Lizabeth thought. “I need to get through the door.” Lizabeth said. “Yeah, and I need to get off the door. I guess neither of us will get what we want.” The golden wolf growled.

Some Stuff

Hiii! So I just wanted to say some stuff…

First of all, I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! Happy belated birthday Harry Potter! Next, I got glasses a couple of weeks ago. And third…

STOP SPAMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is super annoying when you comment things that are totally irrelevant to the post! And also when you give links to virus sites and stuff!!!! Stop it! I’ve gotten 20 comments by the same name with different emails and websites! There’s only 2 names that people keep doing even if they’re different! Micheal kors handbags (like… what?) and yeezy shoes (again…. what?). Stop spamming!

Blogaversary Post~About Me 2!!!

Hey guys! So yesterday was our 2nd blogaversary!!!! Yay!! June 29th was the day I started this blog, and now let’s celebrate! I didn’t make a big deal of it last year because I was too busy sitting at home staring at my bright pink cast on my leg. But now I’m fine! Anyways, on my first blogging day, I told you guys a little about me. I’ve changed over the years. So now let’s see how I am now!
Hi. I’m Rtistgirl. This is my blog. I am 10 years old. I have 2 little sisters who are crazy, but I still love them! My favorite color is neon pink. I really like art and drawing and writing. When I grow up I want to be an author. My favorite food is my mom’s lasagna. I love reading and writing! My favorite books are the Harry Potter and Heroes Of Olympus serieses. Maybe we have something in common! Comment down below your favorite things!

I added some info. I haven’t changed much in my favorite things, but you guys may have noticed how I’ve changed over these 2 years. The question of the day is:
How have you changed over the years? How have I changed?


Hiii people!!! It’s been FOREVER. Ok maybe not forever. So here’s a little update on what’s been up.
School is FINALLY OVER! I can’t believe I’m almost in middle school! One more year in elementary! Also I’m gonna start switching classes this year! Which means that I will have a different teacher for math, social studies, science, etc.
OMG. BOOKS. I got a bajillion books this summer. And, I’m really excited about some of them. One is Trials Of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan. YES. I was so excited that Percy Jackson was in this book. YESSS!!!! As you might know, I’m a huge Percy Jackson fan. If you didn’t know, then I am. I LOVE TRIALS OF APOLLO!!! I can’t WAIT until book 2. Oh and also, Max Crumbly by Rachel Renee Russell. I wasn’t as excited with this as I was about Trials Of Apollo. Max Crumbly turned out to be GREAT though. I really want book 2. Oh and, let’s talk about the most exciting book of all. HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD!!!!! I’ve known about this for MONTHS, but it’s finally coming! An 8th Harry Potter book being released on July 31st. You people need to get it. And if you haven’t read Harry Potter, then read it. NOW! Please. So anyways, speaking of books, I’m gonna write one! I probably won’t finish it this summer, but we’ll see. I’m writing a story called The White Door. I’ll post the first few chapters. Gimme your feedback when I do!
Yeah, that’s right. Ramadan is here once again! I’m fasting today. SOOO HUNGRYYY. Actually, I’m not that hungry. I’m a bit hungry. Wow, I can’t believe I’m surviving.
I’ve been watching Pokemon. I can’t find episode 32 though! I have been watching some of them on YouTube in Japanese with English subtitles. I CANT FIND EPISODE 32!!!
…that’s about it.
No wait!
I learned how to draw an eye.

Now, after every post, I will end with a question of the day.

Question of the day: What are your top 5 favorite book series…serieses…series’s? And what is the plural of series?
My answer: My favorite book serieses(?) are (from least fave to favoritest ever):
5. Magnus Chase and Trials Of Apollo (I know, there’s only one book released of each! But still!)
4. Dork Diaries
3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians
2. Heroes of Olympus
1. Harry Potter
My list will most likely change in, like, a year. Or a month. Please comment your answer down below. And if you know, then PLEASE tell me what the plural of series is. Oh and, if you ever wanna discuss a book, then just ask me if I’ve read it in the comments and just tell me what you wanna discuss about it and… Yeah that’s it. Byeeee!!!!


Mexico Trip

Hiiiiiiii!!!!!!! I’m rtistgirl! As you know, I went to mexico with my family a couple of weeks ago! yay! It was so much fun. Btw, I also have a youtube channel now that you can check out. Here’s the link:

When we arrived at the airport in Mexico, we went to get our luggage….. Luna and Sandy were running around as usual. My mom was yelling at them, as usual and finally when she got fed up, she strapped them in their double stroller… oh, no more running around. My dad exchanged some dollars for peso, which is what Mexican money is called btw. People from my dad’s company were waiting for us outside the airport and put us on a bus to take us to the resort. Soha and Selena started singing “THE WHEELS ON THE BUS GO ROUND AND ROUND!!!!” which was kind of funny. On the way, we saw what looked like a desert. “It’s a desert!” my mom exclaimed. “With trees!” I said, in the same excited tone. Anyways, there was a lot of cacti. Sandy thought we were in Arizona because apparently there are a lot of cacti in Arizona! She’s learning about the states at school. Anyways, we arrived at the resort soon. They offered us drinks immediately! The bellhop guy who is the person who takes your luggage to your room in a nice hotel took us to our room. It was awesome! There was a big TV, a closet, a bathroom, and 2 big beds. There was also a great view of the beach from the balcony which had sliding doors. My dad went somewhere and brought chips, guacamole, and a cheese quesadilla. I didn’t really like the quesadilla but the chips and guac was good. That night, there was a party! It was to welcome us! They had okay food… I didn’t really like it that much… I prefer Moe’s. Anyways, so, the girls(Sandy and Luna) had so much fun cuz they found a playground there. I met some of my dad’s friends. We were really near pools and the beach so my sisters were like “Can we go now?” but mom said no. So that was the 1st day!

When we woke up, Dad wasn’t in the room! He went to a meeting downstairs. So we had breakfast with mom, which was really really good! I had eggs, a chocolate muffin, a chocolate-filled croissant, fresh fruit and some milk. Then it was time to go to the pool. Yay! We went to the pool and got in. The water was cold at first but then we got used to it because it was sunny and we kept moving around. I kept trying to go in the 4 feet end, but Sandy would try to get in with me, and she was too short to stand in there and couldn’t really swim… We were having so much fun, we didn’t wanna get out! After about 3 hours (as my mom said), we went back into the room and took showers/baths.
We went down for a BBQ pool party then. People ate food and sat in the pool with soda cans. The food was better than the food from the day before, I did like it!

After that we rested for a while and then went to the beach. It was fun, although sand kept getting in my swimsuit… that was uncomfortable btw. I wrote “RTISTGIRL.US” in the sand. I also made 3 sandcastles, 2 of which got ruined by the ocean 🙁 . The water was cold though, so we just walked and didn’t swim. That evening, my parents had to go to a happy hour thing for an hour so I babysat my sisters in the hotel room, they were pretty good and didn’t get into any trouble at all. I just watched Netflix and Sandy and Luna played on their iPad minis. When my parents came back we ate at a restaurant and I did NOT like that food! It was blegghh, so if you go to the Hilton resort in Cabo, do NOT eat dinner there! But some people did play a Spanish song my dad suggested.. So there’s that…

The next day, after breakfast, my dad took me for an excursion where we were supposed to swim with dolphins. YAYYY! It was so great. I got to play with my favorite animal: DOLPHINS! I got to kiss them (ick! it tasted like salt and fish) and pet them and dance with them. I also had a choice to ride on their noses and hold their fins as they swam around. I didn’t want to… There was also FISH in there! It was like a real habitat (without things that will eat dolphins) and had a platform thing for people to stand on. It was slippery and I felt like I was gonna fall off! Still, it was a lot of fun.

SO, when it was over, we went back to the hotel. My mom was lounging and reading by the pool and my sisters were in a place called “Kids Club” being babysat. I went in and played air hockey with Sandy. We ate at a place by the big pool which had American food. I had a cheeseburger which was YUMMY! That night my parents had to go to a party where my dad was going to get an award so they dropped us off in a big room in the hotel with babysitters. There was pizza, chicken, mac and cheese, and ice cream with marshmallows, chocolate syrup and whipped cream! I made a friend named Danielle and we talked about Pokémon and stuff. We friended each other on our 3DS’. After that, we watched movies. I got a blanket and used a beanbag as a pillow and ALMOST fell asleep while watching The Book Of Life. Danielle and I talked a little and watched the movie. Soon, she had to leave. “Bye,” I said. “Bye!” she said. Then Maleficent came on! I didn’t see any of it! I was asleep! After I-have-no-idea-how-long, my parents came and woke me up. I slept in the hotel.

On the final full day, we had breakfast (and I saw Danielle even though we didn’t talk at all except for “Hi”) and Sandy and I went to the pool! We (once again) swam and didn’t wanna get out. At first, Sandy didn’t mind me going in the 4 feet part and swam in the kiddie pool, but eventually I had to go to the 2 feet part… My shoulders were, like, FREEZING! We, later, went to the FINAL FIESTA! They had American food which was good, I guess. They had cheesecake which I love! I also sat in a hammock, and swung back and forth until Sandy and Luna joined me…

The next morning, at breakfast Sandy ate all the donuts there (did I mention how much she LOVES DONUTS?). Then we got on the bus for a ride to the airport and went to SAN FRANCISCO because my parents didn’t want to get on two flights the same day with my crazy sisters! We didn’t do ANYTHING there so I won’t write about San Francisco… All we did is go to Red Robin for dinner and Target to get some milk for Luna.

You people should take a trip to Mexico or some other COOOOOOOOL place some time! Oh and by the way, we might be going to Atlantis next year… I hope my parents decide to take me!

Talk To You Later, Rtists!