Bad News…

Hey guys-people!

Bad news for me….this doesn’t affect you at all though! So…here’s the news:



I sprained my ankle 😥        Also, I’ve been getting no comments lately! People, at least say Hi! Well, anyways… I sprained my ankle and got an ankle brace. Don’t worry I can walk! I just got questions for you people though. So if you know the answers, please comment on MY WEBSITE not my Facebook page! Here are the questions:

Can I swim? Is there a certain way I should go up the stairs? Can my friends at school sign my brace (LOL you don’t need to answer this one)???? Do I need crutches? My doctor didn’t say anything about that… Can I walk all the time? BYE! I’ll write an intrestinger one next time! Maybe I’ll talk about my bday party….It was in January though.. 😳

My cousins

Their names are A and R. One was doing a weird TKD dance thingy-majiger. We are laughing and screaming. They are watching me right now. A just said “Naughty!!!” pronounced NA-TAY. Sometimes we play Pixel Gun 3D. I am SUPERBAD at it: LOL!!!!! We also played for Fortune teller. I call it Mystical Panda. When we asked it: Are you a lier? Should I delete this app? It’s answers were Yes to BOTH!!!!! HA! We also play Geometry Dash which has a SUPERHARD LEVEL: ONE!!!!!!!!!!! Only R passed level 1… and 2….. and 3…. he got 82% on 4… He’s like a pro. What games do you play peoplesiez? What do you recommend for me? PLEASE comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may even mention you in the next blog!





Hey guys, you know how there’s been snow days lately? Well a few weeks ago, I played in the snow!  It all started when I was sitting in bed, chatting on my iPad with my aunt(who, BTW lives in Pakistan) and telling her how it was too cold to play in the snow. But then, my mom came and told me I could play in the snow! I ran to my friend E’s house and asked if she wanted to play. She said no… 😥 I went back home and had so much fun sledding TRYING to sled. After that, I tried to pile balls of snow on top to build a snow man. I found some black wire and piled it on the snow man girl‘s head. That was hair. I added leves for eyes. I asked mom for a carrot. After taking a bite I stuck it into the snow. Then, I broke 2 branches. 1 was very long, the other, super short. I stuck the short one in for a mouth and broke the long one for the 2 arms. I have a decorate your own pumpkin set from Halloween! So there were fake green ears.I put those in! And my snowgirl looked like…..a PILE OF SNOW!!!!!!! Tht was the BEST SNOW DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talent Show 2015!!!!

I AM EXCITED!!!!!!!! In March, the talent show is coming up!!! I will be doing a Tae Kwon Do (TKD) act with NUNCHUCKS!!!!!!! Nunchucks are these, I think metal, weapons attached to a chain. You use it by swinging it. I’ll show a picture soon! I am so good at Nunchuck Form No. 1! But, OMG! At the previews, I was so nervous I forgot a few steps from Nunchuck Form No. 2!!! The good thing is that the um, what should I call them, Watchers, didn’t know I got anything wrong!!! So they thought it was AWESOME!!! Yay!

1 preview down, 100 rehearsals to go!!! Haha! So I’ll tell you guys how the show went in March! The date is March 5! 2 days before the TKD tournament!! Wish me luck!!

Until the next post!


Winter Break





My winter break so far was pretty cool. Christmas Eve.

So I’ll talk about Christmas Eve first. Very late at night, I went downstairs and saw my mom doing some last minute gift wrapping and putting gifts under the tree. I also put gifts under the tree–er, a gift.. Anyway, than I ate the buttered cookies and left a note. “Dear (my sister’s name), Thank you for the yummy cookies! Kind Regards, Father Christmas.” So then I went upstairs and slept (kind of).

Christmas Day!

Okay. Christmas. I woke up that morning excited. I went downstairs.

My sistasers <–(on purpose) and I sat-urdayed or Thursdayed(what did I just say and why?) down in front of the tree. “PRESENTS!” my mind exclaimed. We saw the cookie crumbs “Santa” left on the plate. We read the note. Then on the other side, we saw new words. “But where’s my milk? hi” it read. I SWEAR, I did not write that! “I thought the milk would get spoilt!” I said. Anyway, we opened our gifts. My mom LOVED her gold and silver snowflake pendant. My sisters liked their gifts too!!  My gifts were AWESOME! I got a Zoomer, Tamagotchi Friends, Our Generation sets, and books! Just what I wanted! Winter Break was pretty good overall. Right now, I’m excited for tomorrow, which is not only new year, but my birthday!! How was your winter break?

Thanksgiving Day

The last Thursday in November is called Thanksgiving. Here’s some info about the first celebration. It was celebrated in 1621 on Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Pilgrims and Wampanoags celebrated their first harvest. It also celebrated ends of wars. Now, back to my thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving was SUPER-DUPER fun!!! First, we wrote what we were thankful for. (I said friends, family, and a good home.) Then we prayed to God for what He had given us. Then.. we ate lunch! We had a delicious turkey, some chicken, mashed potatoes, squash, bread with butter, cornbread, and… PUMPKIN PIE!!! YUMMY!!!!!!! After we ate, we played HEDBANDZ Act up! It was charades with headbands! That was the best thanksgiving ever!

I want to do a link!

What’s been going on at school? (Mostly)FUN, FUN, FUN!!

Well, school has been…. SUPER FUN!!!!!!! Guess what? My teacher gives us brownie points! If we get a dozen(12), she. gives. us. brownies! Also, we have tiger bucks. If the teacher takes some away, it’s okay! As long as you have more than 10(each is a 5 dollar bill) tiger bucks! They’re called tiger bucks because the mascot is a tiger. I can’t tell you the name of the school, but I’ll show you. Go _____ _____ Tigers! Okay, so, I have a lot of friends, but only 3 best friends! Their names start with E, R, and L! And there’s one from my Tae-kwon-do place(I’m a BLACK BELT!). Her name starts with C. We always play and talk at recess! But, we used to talk at lunch too, but, unfortunately, the lunch ladies said we needed a seating chart. So, now the only actual FRIEND I sit with is L. My friends and I have had a lunch club since 2nd grade. And, now we’re in 3rd. I know, only one year. But now, we can’t sit together. E and R are all the way at the end of the table. And me and L are on the other edge. Well, other than that, school is fun. the end.

Any Ideas?

So, You know how this website is JUST A BLOG???? I wanna add a little something! So, like the title says, any ideas? ❓

Ooh! There could be contests, or an advice column, anything! OH, and when you come up with something(I’m pretty sure you guys are creative!) we could vote for the best!! I just wanna make this website… you know, COOLER!!!!! So, I hope you all come up with something!


❓ ❓ ❓ ❓            OH, and I’ll tell All About School in my next post(hopefully!)



My Trip To Florida-Day 3

YAY!! I’m back!!! Sorry I was away, I was busy (school, I’ll post about that later)! So, on this day I went to SEAWORLD!!! Hooray! So, first we saw………AAAAAAAHHH!!!! SHARKS!!!  I was kinda scared at first, but we went in anyway! photo                                              ME AND EVERYONE IN A SHARK MOUTH!! (P.S. I think that we’re supposed to be pointing at sharks!)



After that, we saw………………A DOLPHIN SHOW!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! THEY DID FLIPS AND FLOPS AND…UM… AWESOME STUFF!!!! It was SOOO COOL!!!! There was also a girl in the show who also flipped and flopped! And some people were holding a trapeze and let go and fell into the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like, “Wow!”  I also got this…fan thingy that sprays water on you! And, I saw a Shamu (Killer Whale, don’t worry it didn’t kill anybody!) show! That was also cool! THERE WAS A SOAK ZONE!! If you sat there you would get SOAKED!!!!!photo (4)



First I sat in a row behind the soak zone, but then I moved to the SOAK ZONE! The FRONT ROW!!! photo (3)




Soon the Shamu splashed water on our side (FINALLY! THEY KEPT DOING THE OTHER SIDE!!) And I got SOAKED!!! I SHOULD’VE WORN MY SWIMSUIT!!!!! Then we went on a ride!! It was this penguin thingy! photo (1)                                                                                                   Me And A “Penguin”                         photo (2)


We sat in a…ride thingy, and saw videos of this cute little penguin’s life. At the end, we got to see REAL LIVE PENGUINS!!!! It was cool, in 2 ways! First it was cool, as in seeing the penguins was cool, and it was also cool, as in it was FREEZING!!!!! Later, we saw a weirdo pirate adventure sea-lion show, ate ice cream, and went HOME(ER… To the hotel)!!!  THE END!!!!! No I’m not kidding, that’s it! BYEEE!!!!




My Trip To Florida–Day 2

FINALLY! About DAY 2! Sorry for not writing in a long time!  Anywaaaayyy, On This Day I Went To….. drumroll, please……DISNEY WORLD!!!!! It was SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! It was JUST like I imagined! Maybe even BETTER!!!!!  We arrived there in a….. shuttle…….. bus……….. train…….thing…. Anyways, I saw a CASTLE!!! Cinderella’s, to be exact. OMG! IT. WAS. HUGE. It looked almost EXACTLY like this one:   Magic-Kingdom-orlando-1415229-1181-1232…. okay, maybe not….. But still! It was SOOOO cool!

Castle in the morning


 And at night:


I also went on this ride called Jungle Cruise! We saw lots of animals! And there was this one part where we went in this cave! Mr. BoatDriverGuy said “This could lead to danger… or TREASURE!!!!” or something like that! Anyways, It Lead To BOTH!!!! I heard these scary growling noises and saw….. A TIGER WITH FLASHING GREENISH-YELLOW EYES!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!  After that, we saw these….uh….tiki…thingies….! And….treasure!!!!!




I also met ANNA AND ELSA FROM FROZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!




Anyways, we also saw this parade and one of the 7 dwarves high fived  me!  It was soo…….wow!!! Then it started raining…. We got a…um…..ponco…? I don’t know what exactly it’s called… After the rain stopped we went to an Incredibles Dance Party!! My dad danced with Mr. Incredible 😆 !!! Anywaayy… Everyone had to shout “SAVE THE DAY!!” Then the Incredibles would go….(I don’t know WHERE!!) and come back. One question… Is a guy named Freeze in the movie Incredibles ❓

So, then we…WAIT!!!! We watched a Mickey’s PhilarMagic video. Oh my gosh. It was so cool! We felt water when Donald Duck felt it, and we felt wind! Also, when Aladdin and Jasmine were flying on the magic carpet and singing “A Whole New World” It felt like we were flying too! Then, Donald got stuck in a wall, and when we turned around, there he was (or his feet..) In the Theater wall!! Anywaay, at night we saw this light parade! It showed characters and their stories!  For example: First it showed Cinderella. Then a bunch of people dancing (the ball) The prince and the evil…uh…people… THEN WE SAW FIREWORKS!!!