Any Ideas?

So, You know how this website is JUST A BLOG???? I wanna add a little something! So, like the title says, any ideas? ❓

Ooh! There could be contests, or an advice column, anything! OH, and when you come up with something(I’m pretty sure you guys are creative!) we could vote for the best!! I just wanna make this website… you know, COOLER!!!!! So, I hope you all come up with something!


❓ ❓ ❓ ❓            OH, and I’ll tell All About School in my next post(hopefully!)



My Trip To Florida-Day 3

YAY!! I’m back!!! Sorry I was away, I was busy (school, I’ll post about that later)! So, on this day I went to SEAWORLD!!! Hooray! So, first we saw………AAAAAAAHHH!!!! SHARKS!!!  I was kinda scared at first, but we went in anyway! photo                                              ME AND EVERYONE IN A SHARK MOUTH!! (P.S. I think that we’re supposed to be pointing at sharks!)



After that, we saw………………A DOLPHIN SHOW!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! THEY DID FLIPS AND FLOPS AND…UM… AWESOME STUFF!!!! It was SOOO COOL!!!! There was also a girl in the show who also flipped and flopped! And some people were holding a trapeze and let go and fell into the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like, “Wow!”  I also got this…fan thingy that sprays water on you! And, I saw a Shamu (Killer Whale, don’t worry it didn’t kill anybody!) show! That was also cool! THERE WAS A SOAK ZONE!! If you sat there you would get SOAKED!!!!!photo (4)



First I sat in a row behind the soak zone, but then I moved to the SOAK ZONE! The FRONT ROW!!! photo (3)




Soon the Shamu splashed water on our side (FINALLY! THEY KEPT DOING THE OTHER SIDE!!) And I got SOAKED!!! I SHOULD’VE WORN MY SWIMSUIT!!!!! Then we went on a ride!! It was this penguin thingy! photo (1)                                                                                                   Me And A “Penguin”                         photo (2)


We sat in a…ride thingy, and saw videos of this cute little penguin’s life. At the end, we got to see REAL LIVE PENGUINS!!!! It was cool, in 2 ways! First it was cool, as in seeing the penguins was cool, and it was also cool, as in it was FREEZING!!!!! Later, we saw a weirdo pirate adventure sea-lion show, ate ice cream, and went HOME(ER… To the hotel)!!!  THE END!!!!! No I’m not kidding, that’s it! BYEEE!!!!




My Trip To Florida–Day 2

FINALLY! About DAY 2! Sorry for not writing in a long time!  Anywaaaayyy, On This Day I Went To….. drumroll, please……DISNEY WORLD!!!!! It was SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! It was JUST like I imagined! Maybe even BETTER!!!!!  We arrived there in a….. shuttle…….. bus……….. train…….thing…. Anyways, I saw a CASTLE!!! Cinderella’s, to be exact. OMG! IT. WAS. HUGE. It looked almost EXACTLY like this one:   Magic-Kingdom-orlando-1415229-1181-1232…. okay, maybe not….. But still! It was SOOOO cool!

Castle in the morning


 And at night:


I also went on this ride called Jungle Cruise! We saw lots of animals! And there was this one part where we went in this cave! Mr. BoatDriverGuy said “This could lead to danger… or TREASURE!!!!” or something like that! Anyways, It Lead To BOTH!!!! I heard these scary growling noises and saw….. A TIGER WITH FLASHING GREENISH-YELLOW EYES!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!  After that, we saw these….uh….tiki…thingies….! And….treasure!!!!!




I also met ANNA AND ELSA FROM FROZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!




Anyways, we also saw this parade and one of the 7 dwarves high fived  me!  It was soo…….wow!!! Then it started raining…. We got a…um…..ponco…? I don’t know what exactly it’s called… After the rain stopped we went to an Incredibles Dance Party!! My dad danced with Mr. Incredible 😆 !!! Anywaayy… Everyone had to shout “SAVE THE DAY!!” Then the Incredibles would go….(I don’t know WHERE!!) and come back. One question… Is a guy named Freeze in the movie Incredibles ❓

So, then we…WAIT!!!! We watched a Mickey’s PhilarMagic video. Oh my gosh. It was so cool! We felt water when Donald Duck felt it, and we felt wind! Also, when Aladdin and Jasmine were flying on the magic carpet and singing “A Whole New World” It felt like we were flying too! Then, Donald got stuck in a wall, and when we turned around, there he was (or his feet..) In the Theater wall!! Anywaay, at night we saw this light parade! It showed characters and their stories!  For example: First it showed Cinderella. Then a bunch of people dancing (the ball) The prince and the evil…uh…people… THEN WE SAW FIREWORKS!!! 




The 4th Of July And This Week

Hi, I never told anything about the 4th of july! So, I went outside. First we did a barbecue. A dog ran into our yard. I know a dog named Chester and I thought the dog was Chester, but my mom said “That’s not chester. Chester is smaller!” Oops 😳 … Anyways… We had sparklers!!!!  At first I was a little(okay, maybe A LOT) scared, but eventually, I got over my fear of being burnt. I tried it and wanted to do even more!! So I did. sparkler After a while, we had to go to my school to watch fireworks. We sat and watched fireworks for a pretty long time. When we were walking, I spotted my cousin and screamed her name! Soon, we went home and they (meaning my cousin) came too! I had TONS of FUN!!! And starting Monday, I had Acting Camp!! I met lots of new people and had lots of fun. I even made a video of me talking about it! I’ll post the video soon…

My Trip To Florida–Day 1

Okay, so you might be wondering what happened in Florida.(If you have NO IDEA what I’m talking about, look at Disney and Sea world) Well, here it is! On the first day, my mom and one of my little sisters(Soha) dropped me off to the airport. We ate at Dunkin’ Donuts and Cinnabon™ Soon we got in the airplane. I was SO excited! At the airport, I was picked up by my uncle and my grandpa. We went to a restaurant and ate. After that, we went jet skiing! I was a little scared at first, but when I got on, I really liked it! 7c6c6755267f1e017669c9d609e3cfbb

Me, on the jet ski


It was SO cool! The jet ski was SO fast! After jet skiing, we went to the hotel. We were staying at Hampton Inn. I had to change (I got soaked in jet skiing)!! 😀 After resting at the hotel, we went to Cocoa beach! I had fun there! After that we got food from Mc Donald’s. After eating, we went back to the  hotel and slept. I’ll tell you about Day 2 soon!



4th Of July

gallery_4th_gallery The 4th of July is coming up, and you all might be wondering “When was it started? WHY has it started?” Well, here’s the answer. HISTORY OF INDEPENDENCE DAY:

A very long time ago, 13 colonies were ruled by the king of England, King George lll. These colonies were tired of being ruled by a king who was miles away from them. Two acts of defiance made history. People dumped tea into the Massachusetts Bay on purpose! British Soldiers shot people. This event was called the Massacre. The people of Virginia voted for a group to represent the colonies. In 1774, the Declaration Of Independence was created to have freedom without England ruling over America. It took years for the Declaration to be finished. The draft was accepted on July 4th, 1776. People read the document to others and everyone celebrated. Soon, Independence day was an Official holiday.


The Liberty Bell wasn’t made in the U.S. and wasn’t rung on the first Independence Day. It was actually made in London in 1752, cracked in 1835 and wasn’t named Liberty until the 1830s, in memory of slaves pursuing their freedom.

The 4th of july is sometimes called “America’s Birthday”.


People of the US celebrate by watching fireworks, parades, having picnics, and holding sparklers(which are like fireworks on a stick)!


Freedom is when you can do what you do, be who you want to be. You know, be free in the world! What do you think freedom is?

A little about me:

My parents are from Pakistan but we still celebrate Independence Day. We celebrate because we’ve been here for a few years and we love america.

god bless all of america!

Disney and Sea world!!

Yay!! On July 11th, I’m going to Florida!! Yes, Florida!!!! It’s gonna be SO AWESOME!!!!! I’ll be going to Disney Magic Kingdom!!! Magic-Kingdom-orlando-1415229-1181-1232 And I’ll also be going to Sea World! I’m SO excited! I’ve only been to disney when I was a baby (yes, I literally mean a baby. I was not even 4 yet.) Sea World will be SO awesome!!


I’ll be posting all about it in the hotel (or whatever we’re staying in)! And we’re going in a plane to a state that’s in our country! Anyway this will be awesome! b-410124-people_happy_

Ramadan, Fasting, and The Mosque

Something called Ramadan (Rah-muh-dahn) has started.

WHAT IS RAMADAN? :Ramadan is celebrated by 1 billion Muslims all over the world! Ramadan starts on a different date every year, unlike Christmas.  People who celebrate the holiday eat when the sun is setting. That’s called iftar. In Ramadan we fast and go to the mosque. Yesterday and the day before we went to the mosque. WHAT WE DO AT THE MOSQUE: At the mosque we eat, make friends, and pray.. Unfortunately, I made no new friends 🙁 But I DID have fun! 😀

FASTING: Yes, yes. I did fast. Well, since I’m JUST a kid, I did it for half a day. Fasting is when you can’t eat or drink until sunset. You have to get up at 3:30 and eat, that’s called sehri. For half a day, you can’t eat or drink until noon.

Yes I know, that felt like you were reading. And that’s because you WERE!! Well, that’s Ramadan, Fasting, and the Mosque.



I rate this movie 4 stars. It was sad and happy and really fun to watch. It’s the sequel to How To Train Your Dragon. The movie is about a boy named Hiccup (It’s weird…)

and a dragon named Toothless (even weirder, the dragon wasn’t toothless). They want to find more Night Fury dragons(that’s Toothless’s dragon type) even though everyone says there are no more. While looking, Hiccup finds his mother. His mother was taken away by dragons and she lived with them because they turned out to be nice! If I tell you anymore, It’ll be spoilers.I think you need to watch How To Train your Dragon (1) to understand the movie. It
was an amazing movie.                   a-tale-of-dragons

Welcome To My Blog!




Hi, I’m R-Tist Girl(as in artist girl)! Welcome to my new blog! I like LOVE art! I live with my mom, dad, and two sisters in the USA. My sisters are a little  TOTALLY CRAZY(ok, fine, I guess not TOTALLY….) I’m 9 years old, and like I said, I LOVE art! I also like reading and writing. My favorite season is summer! My favorite food is creamy chicken alfredo (from pizza hut in target). My favorite color is pink! I hope we’re alike! Tell me YOUR favorite things in comments!